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Paley Fest 2018 35th Anniversary Line-Up

The full lineup for the 35th Anniversary of the Paley Fest in LA (to be held, once again, as the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood) was announced this morning, with some surprising faces and some no-brainers!  If you’re a Paley Supporting/Patron Member and/or a Citi card member, tickets will be on sale at 3PM Eastern today (Jan 9)!  Individual Members, your chance is Jan 11 at 12PM Eastern.  All other tickets will be available as of January 12, at 12PM Eastern.


It’s rare that I recommend or mention THE BIG BANG THEORY – not because I have any ill will towards the show. It’s just a show that continues rolling along, having long ago found a formula that works. The Season 11 premiere kicks off tonight with the resolution to where we left off in the S10 finale – Sheldon at Amy’s door down on one knee. A solid episode that I’m pointing out as a “must-watch” tonight for the work

Comic Con 2016: Warner Brothers announces their 21 (21!!) show panels

News has been slowly trickling out about what shows will be at Comic Con this year, and the biggest announcement so far has been the 21 shows that Warner Brothers is bringing along!  They are basically taking a rest on Saturday!  Check out the details!! WEDNESDAY, JULY 20 6:00–10:00 p.m. Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly continue our annual Preview Night tradition, with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of five of the most highly anticipated series of

THE BIG BANG THEORY Reaches 200th Episode Milestone

Thursday, February 25 is officially “The Big Bang Theory Day,” as announced by the City of Pasadena at a celebration gathering over the weekend. And its only fitting, since the series has claimed Pasadena as its world since its September 24, 2007 debut. The gathering of series stars Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik, and Melissa Rauch, along with Executive Producers/Co-Creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, as well as EP/Showrunner Steven Molaro made the

Behind the Scenes with Cast and Writers of THE BIG BANG THEORY

The TCA Winter Press Tour and Warner Brothers gave writers and cast of The Big Bang Theory a chance to give the press a brief inside look into the behind-the-scenes world of this monumentally successful CBS comedy series. A Place to Laugh Executive Producer Chuck Lorre broke the ice by referencing his tendancy to insert “places to laugh” in writers’ scripts, constantly challenging the writers to do better and be funnier. Writer Don Reo said, “It’s a quest for excellence,

Laura Spencer previews THE BIG BANG THEORY Prom, BONES’ 200th, and SLEEPY HOLLOW fun!

Laura Spencer has been a little bit of everywhere this Fall season – playing Raj’s girlfriend Emily on THE BIG BANG THEORY, the latest new intern and [spoiler alert] the late Lance Sweets’ possible love interest, as well as Ichabod’s current day seamstress (rivaling Betsy Ross in quality) who like-liked him and [spoilers!] lost her life as a result. I spent some time chatting with Laura about being busy with three hot shows and what is coming up on all

Thursday Must Watch: THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 5 finale – “The Countdown Reflection”

What THE BIG BANG THEORY strives to do best is tell heartfelt stories while being one of the funniest shows on TV, and they succeed the most when the gang is all together and working off of each other’s comedy energy.  Take tonight’s 5th season finale, “The Countdown Reflection,” for example.  Wolowitz is off to space earlier than expected, and the gang comes together to make sure that he and Bernie don’t need to wait until he’s back on Earth

My Take Too: CourtneyK tackles a Top 10 of ’10!

Here’s Day 2, from Courtney K! The year is quickly coming to a close and soon there will be a number of clip shows, best of shows, and holiday specials instead of the new episodes of the shows we love so much. In keeping with that tradition, Amrie suggested a piecing together of a top ten list, so heeeere they are, in no particular order! My Top Ten Too of 2010: Burn Notice: Fast moving, fascinating MacGyver-like weaponry, and a

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