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Cheryl’s Take: What I’m watching on ABC this season!

Let’s be honest. I’m more a fan of drama than comedy. That being said, it’s time I checked to see what the networks have planned for us, the unsuspecting viewers, for the upcoming 2017-18 season. I want to look at some of these shows in a short series of articles. Here’s a quick peek at new dramas ABC has lined up. “The Crossing” follows refugees from America arriving in a small town seeking asylum from a war that has yet


ABC’s THE GOOD DOCTOR (which counts David Shore and Daniel Dae Kim among the producers) tells the story of Dr Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome.  He leaves his quiet life to interview for a surgery position at San Jose’s St Bonaventure on a recommendation by his mentor, Richard Schiff’s Dr Aaron Glassman. The first episode follows Shaun’s journey from home to the hospital for his interview, making time, almost immediately, to show flashbacks of

First Look: ABC 2017 New Series Trailers

UPDATE: Just added the trailer for FOR THE PEOPLE by Shonda’s team – While their Up Front presentation is getting started with a live performance by THE MAYOR star Lea Michele, ABC released a first look at the trailers for their new series – Flip your way through the Playlist here that gives you a look at THE MAYOR, THE GOOD DOCTOR, THE GOSPEL OF KEVIN, ALEX, INC., TEN DAYS IN THE VALLEY, SPLITTING UP TOGETHER, DECEPTION, FOR THE PEOPLE,