Thursday Must Watch: THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 5 finale – “The Countdown Reflection”

What THE BIG BANG THEORY strives to do best is tell heartfelt stories while being one of the funniest shows on TV, and they succeed the most when the gang is all together and working off of each other’s comedy energy.  Take tonight’s 5th season finale, “The Countdown Reflection,” for example.  Wolowitz is off to space earlier than expected, and the gang comes together to make sure that he and Bernie don’t need to wait until he’s back on Earth for the wedding of their dreams.  The episode fires on all cylinders, thanks in large part to the ammunition that Leonard’s surprising proposal gives to the gang and Amy’s excitement at wearing her maid of honor dress.

The finale is full of straight up comedy, big emotions, and a moment that I found so endearing that I was delighted to find tears in my eyes.  There were episodes this season that I struggled to get through, as can be the case with any show trying to stay new in its fifth season, but this finale brought the whole year full circle, and get me and THE BIG BANG THEORY on better footing going into Year 6.  Be sure to check it out tonight at 8/7c on CBS, and following the jump for a preview clip or two!