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2013 Fall Schedule by Night and Network

Here is a breakdown of the big 5 networks, and what their schedules look like for the Fall Season, night by night (I’ve also included the Late-Fall Schedule to reflect changes on FOX, mostly): Monday PrimeTime Schedule, Fall 2013 Net. 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 CBS How I Met Your Mother We Are Men 2 Broke Girls Mom Hostages ABC Dancing With the Stars Castle NBC The Voice The Blacklist FOX Bones Sleepy Hollow Local CW Hart of Dixie

Don’t miss the NEWSREADERS Season Finale Tonight!

NEWSREADERS is one of my favorite shows on TV these days (and that’s saying a lot, considering how much TV I find myself watching – this 10 minute show is in the top 10, for sure).  The season finale airs tonight, and it’s 10 minutes that you do NOT want to miss.  If the fact that the show is hilarious isn’t enough for you, how about some ratings news? As NEWSREADERS’ first season flew by, Thursdays at midnight on [adult

Thursday Must Watch: Premiere of NEWSREADERS on Adult Swim!

Tonight on [adult swim] on Cartoon Network: the premiere of NEWSREADERS takes its place in the Midnight slot, and it’s hilarious perfection. The press release tells us: From the creative team behind the acclaimed, irreverent comedy Childrens Hospital comes NEWSREADERS, an all-new comedy series that satirizes the network television newsmagazine genre. Based upon the “Newsreaders” episodes, which aired previously on Childrens Hospital, NEWSREADERS will explore the vital issues that actually don’t affect us every day, from hard-hitting investigations to harder-hitting,

Thursday Must Watch: ELEMENTARY – Sherlock meets a man from his past

In tonight’s all new must-watch episode of ELEMENTARY on CBS (10/9c), after a string of murders, murders that are eerily similar to 37 other murders he investigated in London, happen in New York, Sherlock goes a bit off the rails as he tries to track down the man responsible before anyone else is able to.  Vinnie Jones is the evil man in question, and just when you think the episode is going to zig, it zags quite nicely.  The episode

SUITS Interview: Sarah Rafferty talks Donna’s firing and what’s next!

What do you do when you’re on a hit show and you find out that your character is being fired?  SUITS’ Sarah Rafferty has had to deal with just that as her character Donna was let go recently for a mix up that initially was unintentional then got real when a shredder got involved.  In tonight’s all new episode of SUITS, we’ll find out where the story goes and what we might expect for the rest of this season (the

Thursday Must Watch: THE BIG BANG THEORY Season 5 finale – “The Countdown Reflection”

What THE BIG BANG THEORY strives to do best is tell heartfelt stories while being one of the funniest shows on TV, and they succeed the most when the gang is all together and working off of each other’s comedy energy.  Take tonight’s 5th season finale, “The Countdown Reflection,” for example.  Wolowitz is off to space earlier than expected, and the gang comes together to make sure that he and Bernie don’t need to wait until he’s back on Earth

Keith Carradine previews tonight’s all new MISSING: “No one is who anyone thinks they are”

Keith Carradine has had a long and illustrious career that spans stage, screen, and radio, not to mention an Academy Award for best original song (“I’m Easy” from the film “NASHVILLE”).  Recently, we’ve seen him grace our TV screens with guest starring roles on DAMAGES, DEXTER (I will always miss Lundy), DOLLHOUSE, and, personal favorite DEADWOOD. This season, he’s lending his skill to ABC’s MISSING – as Martin, the voice of reason in Becca Winstone’s life.  Martin leant Becca his

Drop everything tonight at 9:30 (8:30 Central) and watch PARKS AND RECREATION!

Yes, that is an order! PARKS AND RECREATION is back tonight, after too many weeks away (it’s taking the 9:30/8:30c slot for the next few weeks)!  In tonight’s episode, Bradley Whitford guest stars as city councilman Pilner, who controls the budget – when Leslie hears that he is going to cut the Parks budget, she springs into action with some expected and disastrous results!  Meanwhile, another great bromance is growing between Chris and Ron as the two embark on a

Henry Ian Cusick teases SCANDAL

Henry Ian Cusick has long been a favorite of ours at My Take On TV. “The Constant” episode of LOST will remain in my top 10 episodes of TV forever.  These days, he’s back on TV on a weekly basis, as one of the stars on ABC’s new hit SCANDAL, the strong and surprising drama about “fixers” in Washington, D.C. On tonight’s all new episode, the team tries to help a millionaire’s son (played by Michael Cassidy) after he’s accused

What’s On? Thursday, 2/9/12

First of all, go wish a happy birthday to Rae!  Now, let’s talk about what we’re watching tonight!  For me, it’s some NBC comedies, BIG BANG on CBS, and ARCHER.  I’m also definitely watching I JUST WANT MY PANTS BACK – great stuff by MTV!  What about you? THURS 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 What’s On the Big Five? CBS The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory – “The Vacation Solution” Sheldon goes to work with Amy

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