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Absurd and too-long title notwithstanding, I love everything about KEVIN (PROBABLY) SAVES THE WORLD.  If there was any actor that should interact with an imaginary possible-angel when his family already thinks he’s insane, Jason Ritter is the guy for the job and ABC’s new show, premiering at 10/9c is the show for me. KEVIN is the story of Kevin Finn (Ritter), an admittedly selfish and sometimes crappy person, fresh off of what we learn was a bit of a breakdown.

My Take On…ABC’s must watch comedy THE MAYOR

In ABC’s THE MAYOR, premiering at 9:30/8:30c tonight, Brandon Michael Hall plays Courtney Rose, a young Northern California rapper who, in an effort to bring attention to his budding music career, runs for Mayor of Fort Grey, California. When he attends the big debate, looking to promote his music (and not ever thinking he could actually win), he masterfully puts his opponent in place over the cleanup of a public park, leading to a surprise victory and a new job.

My Take On…NBC’s smart, funny TRIAL & ERROR

Absurdly hilarious and hilariously absurd, that’s the simplest description of NBC’s latest comedy, the true-crime-parody series TRIAL & ERROR that starts tonight with a back to back post-THIS-IS-US (10/9c) preview. Starring John Lithgow as Larry Henderson, a roller-skating, er, roller-cizing poetry professor who maybe murdered his wife, represented in court by Nicholas D’Agosto’s Josh Legal, a “NorthEastern” lawyer from New York trying his first murder in the fictional East Peck, SC, the show provides an inside look at the case in

YOU’RE THE WORST is back….and better than ever!

Stop what you’re doing! You must immediately get to your DVR – or your online DVR manager or your VCR or wherever you record important things – and make sure that your recording of YOU’RE THE WORST is all set and ready to go on their NEW network, FXX, tonight at 10:30/9:30c. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s focus a little bit on why I think you need to be watching!  Created by former TWoP recapper (among other

Monday Must Watch: FX’s ARCHER and CHOZEN

Tonight on FX, catch up with old friend Sterling Archer and new friend rapper Chozen, in an hour of animated comedy that is pretty much not at all politically correct, but all the funnier because of it. Up first (10/9c), ARCHER Season 5 kicks off with the gang at Isis realizing that all of this time, Mallory hasn’t exactly been working FOR the US government.  What follows is a whip-smart and super fast half hour with jokes that come quickly


Just a quick end of the day update to remind you all to check out tonight’s all new episodes of LAST MAN STANDING and THE NEIGHBORS on ABC. ABC is touting tonight’s LMS as one of the best episodes of the series to date and I have to agree with them – exploring the idea of what friendship is – among the sisters; between Mike/Vanessa and the Larabees (the neighbors Mike kind of sort of pretends to hate); between Kyle

Don’t miss the NEWSREADERS Season Finale Tonight!

NEWSREADERS is one of my favorite shows on TV these days (and that’s saying a lot, considering how much TV I find myself watching – this 10 minute show is in the top 10, for sure).  The season finale airs tonight, and it’s 10 minutes that you do NOT want to miss.  If the fact that the show is hilarious isn’t enough for you, how about some ratings news? As NEWSREADERS’ first season flew by, Thursdays at midnight on [adult

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