Monday Must Watch: FX’s ARCHER and CHOZEN

Tonight on FX, catch up with old friend Sterling Archer and new friend rapper Chozen, in an hour of animated comedy that is pretty much not at all politically correct, but all the funnier because of it.

A_501_06_1Up first (10/9c), ARCHER Season 5 kicks off with the gang at Isis realizing that all of this time, Mallory hasn’t exactly been working FOR the US government.  What follows is a whip-smart and super fast half hour with jokes that come quickly (“…phrasing?  Are we no longer doing that?”).  When the gang realizes that we’ve they have inadvertently been doing for years, an elaborate plan forms that involves drugs, country singing, Cheryl/Carol’s mansion, and southern Florida….ARCHER gets better with each passing episode.  In other hands, a show that takes a wildly drastic turn in the 5th season would fall apart, but Adam Reed and Matt Thompson are so smart, that will never happen to this show!  Don’t miss the premiere, and thank me later!

MovieClipping4After ARCHER, SNL’s Bobby Moynihan brings gay white rapper formerly named Phil aka CHOZEN to life.  From the creators of ARCHER and EASTBOUND AND DOWN, let’s be honest – it’s exactly what you’d expect.  Jokes that aren’t exactly sensitive; humor that might make someone not used to either of those shows cringe a little bit.  It’s very funny, and worth checking out to see how the first season plays out.  Kathryn Hahn is great as CHOZEN’s sister; and who doesn’t love Ike Barinholtz these days (he voices Chozen’s formerly-straight quasi-boyfriend)?  Give it a look see, let us know what you think?  For now, it’s earned a tentative 5-episode recording with options for more!