Don’t miss the NEWSREADERS Season Finale Tonight!

Newsreaders_Preview_RNEWSREADERS is one of my favorite shows on TV these days (and that’s saying a lot, considering how much TV I find myself watching – this 10 minute show is in the top 10, for sure).  The season finale airs tonight, and it’s 10 minutes that you do NOT want to miss.  If the fact that the show is hilarious isn’t enough for you, how about some ratings news? As NEWSREADERS’ first season flew by, Thursdays at midnight on [adult swim]/Cartoon Network, the show’s latest episode was ranked #1 in its time period with adults 18-24, men 18-24 and 18-34 with continued growth vs the demos of the same time period last year.  Ratings aside, the show continues to impress me with their easy take down of the network news-magazine shows we’re used to seeing, while Mather Zickel (who yes, I loved on MAN UP!) brings a necessary and genius lack of depth to head NewsReader Louis La Fonda.

NR_TEAM_ALLIn tonight’s finale, which includes teases to a great Kate Walsh interview that I’d pay good money to see, La Fonda turns the camera on the NEWSREADERS as they focus on the good work done this year on the show – including the mentoring of Rosa Gonzalez, a “Jr. Newsreader” that Louis takes under his wing for an exposé that starts with illiteracy in the nation’s prisons and ends with an alleged murderer back on the streets (Bob Clendenin is genius).  Louis’ jealousy over how good Rosa is quickly blows the story out of proportion to hilarious effect.  Bonus!! Skip Reming stops by to tell you about why you can “break a pool cue” on his thighs!  I promise you that you won’t be disappointed and you might learn something about state and country capital cities!

NEWSREADERS airs tonight (Thursday, but also technically Friday) at 12am (11pm Central) on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim].