Thursday Must Watch: ELEMENTARY – Sherlock meets a man from his past

In tonight’s all new must-watch episode of ELEMENTARY on CBS (10/9c), after a string of murders, murders that are eerily similar to 37 other murders he investigated in London, happen in New York, Sherlock goes a bit off the rails as he tries to track down the man responsible before anyone else is able to.  Vinnie Jones is the evil man in question, and just when you think the episode is going to zig, it zags quite nicely.  The episode artfully combines this search for a killer with the last days of the Sherlock/Watson companionship, and the resolution moves the story forward naturally, while opening up a pretty deep well of stories that could be explored.

After you watch the episode, tell me if you’re of the same mind as I am about just how exactly Sherlock’s dad might be involved….