Thursday Must Watch: Premiere of NEWSREADERS on Adult Swim!

Tonight on [adult swim] on Cartoon Network: the premiere of NEWSREADERS takes its place in the Midnight slot, and it’s hilarious perfection. The press release tells us:

From the creative team behind the acclaimed, irreverent comedy Childrens Hospital comes NEWSREADERS, an all-new comedy series that satirizes the network television newsmagazine genre. Based upon the “Newsreaders” episodes, which aired previously on Childrens Hospital, NEWSREADERS will explore the vital issues that actually don’t affect us every day, from hard-hitting investigations to harder-hitting, heartwarming profiles. NEWSREADERS will deliver unparalleled award-eligible reporting every week.

In tonight’s premiere, “Auto-Erotic,” award-eligible News Reader Louis La Fonda (Mather Zickel, a personal favorite) goes behind the curtain of the niche world of F*** Van viral videos, and Skip Reming (Ray Wise) tells us why things were better in the olden days. By the time the show hit the 25 second mark, I had already laughed out loud 4 times. Watch tonight, and check out the trailer (above) for a look at what’s coming this season (just LOOK at all of those guest stars)! If there’s one thing I can guarantee at this point, it will be amazing!

NEWSREADERS airs at Thursday nights at Midnight(technically Friday)/11c on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim].