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SDCC 2017: The GOTHAM cast previews Season 4

While in San Diego for Comic Con, Marissa had the chance to join round tables with the cast of GOTHAM, to pick their brains about all of the good stuff coming in Season 4 (which kicks off tonight at 8/7c on FOX). In the video above, Ben McKenzie gave us a preview of how they’re really diving into Jim making a decision about following in his father’s footsteps or not, plus what it means to have Batman the vigilante really

SDCC 2016: A quick look at Season 3 of GOTHAM with Michael Chiklis

When Michael Chiklis sat down to discuss GOTHAM S3 at San Diego Comic Con over the summer, besides talking about his daughter Autumn’s love for Comic Con, he teased new things coming for Captain Barnes – the “inherent tension” between these two characters had always come from Jim going the “Vic Mackey” route and Barnes trying to stay on the right side of the law. He teases “something crazy happens.” And I cannot wait!

SDCC 2016: Drew Powell talks “sad-sack” Butch in GOTHAM S3

When we caught up with Drew Powell (Butch Gilzean, GOTHAM) at San Diego Comic Con, he told us that he finds himself back with Penguin when S3 takes off tonight on FOX. They’re “up to no good, as usual.” The character seems to always find a way to get out of his jams, sometimes with hands and sometimes without! Drew also said that sad-sack lovelorn Butch is back – Tabitha really did a number on his heart, and he has to deal with that. Looking forward to a new battle we can expect this season.

SDCC 2016: Sean Pertwee previews Alfred, Bruce, and GOTHAM S3

Alfred is The Action Butler, as Sean Pertwee pointed out (mention his father being known as the Action Doctor), and this season will start off with him and Bruce in a fairly good place. They went through a lot in these first two seasons and as Bruce starts to grow up into the Batman we all know, it sounds like Alfred will be there to prop him up along the way.

SDCC 2016: Ben McKenzie previews Jim’s mindset in GOTHAM S3

Ben McKenzie promises us this year that Jim is a “disillusioned man” when GOTHAM season 3 starts up. Having lost his career, his love, his child, he’s lost himself. At Comic Con in San Diego, he previewed what we should expect from the season – new relationships, for him, for the good Dr, and the prospect of double dates (they don’t sound likely).

SDCC 2016: Cory Michael Smith previews Nygma’s journey in GOTHAM S3

With the S3 premiere coming tonight at 8/7c, GOTHAM: Mad City looks like they are going to burn through story at a fever pitch. Ed Nygma is fully embracing his lunacy as the season starts, and Cory Michael Smith gave us the scoop on what to expect. He warns that Ed will be a great friend to you as long as you realized that Ed is always the smartest one in the room!

Comic Con 2016: Warner Brothers announces their 21 (21!!) show panels

News has been slowly trickling out about what shows will be at Comic Con this year, and the biggest announcement so far has been the 21 shows that Warner Brothers is bringing along!  They are basically taking a rest on Saturday!  Check out the details!! WEDNESDAY, JULY 20 6:00–10:00 p.m. Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly continue our annual Preview Night tradition, with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of five of the most highly anticipated series of

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