My Take Too: CourtneyK tackles a Top 10 of ’10!

Here’s Day 2, from Courtney K!

The year is quickly coming to a close and soon there will be a number of clip shows, best of shows, and holiday specials instead of the new episodes of the shows we love so much. In keeping with that tradition, Amrie suggested a piecing together of a top ten list, so heeeere they are, in no particular order! My Top Ten Too of 2010:

Burn Notice: Fast moving, fascinating MacGyver-like weaponry, and a hero who is for all intents and purposes a BADASS-NINJA-PIRATE! Oh and Jeffrey Donovan is really REALLY hot walking around in those suits; completely believable as a former spy working to clear his name and right wrongs throughout the Miami area.

Criminal Minds: A mind yank, a chilling show about crazy killers. This show should be on everyone’s top 10 list. Without being as gruesome CSI or as scattered as Law & Order; the show manages to give insight to the mind of criminals (yes, yes) while informing without scaring me to the point of paranoia.

Jerseylicious: Ok. OK! This one is a long shot, but I LOVE THIS SHOW! It’s way better than the MTV mental train wreck Jersey Shore which paints all things Jersey as slutty-guido-morons; Jerseylicious focuses on a beauty salon and all the drama that unfolds there. Yes the accents are cringe-worthy, and sometimes the cast is unlikeable, but I’ve always thought that the inner workings of the beauty industry would make a terrific show; comedy or otherwise. You would not BELIEVE some of the things that get discussed…trust me.

Lie to Me: As in my first review, there’s just something about this show that calls to me. The “in your face” attitude of Tim Roth’s portrayal of Dr. Cal Lightman is abrasive and obnoxious and PERFECT! Unapologetic in delivery, the writing can be a tinge predictable at times but what show can boast complete shock anymore now that Lost has come and gone? I adore Tim Roth and am rooting for this show to gain a bigger audience even though their numbers are alright from what I know. If you aren’t watching it, I beg you to give it 3 episodes (you can see them online at or and see if it grabs you.

Modern Family: An amazing cast, inclusive concept, quickly paced; this show makes me howl with laughter every week! When MF first aired, I was on the fence leaning away; but it quickly won me over with a cast of characters that could’ve been pulled directly from my life! I didn’t care for the documentary style shooting, but after seeing the cast at Paleyfest 2010 in LA and hearing Ty Burrell explain how his wife described the show “as if the audience is a part of the family, when something funny happens and one of the characters looks into the camera and with their eyes seems to say ‘SEE??’ it makes me feel like I’m there with the family” (or something to that effect) I was completely a fan!

Mythbusters: Where math and science are grown-up fun! Episodes where they end up freezing beer in the bottle or testing tipsy driving versus tired driving, take candy from a series of babies, create a massive slip-n-slide always offer maniacal giggles paired with actual physics and a disclaimer.

Psych: This show is as addicting as the sweet tropical fruit it sneaks into every episode. Slapstick? Yes! Hilarity? Yes! Heartwarming? YES! I adore the playful banter and constant bevy of one-liners provided by this adorable show that does just what it has always set out to do: entertain!

So You Think You Can Dance: Ah-5-6-7-8!! I know, I know. Reality TV can be tough to watch sometimes; too much phoney-baloney. But if I can fast forward through the semantics and just watch the movement, I always enjoy it.

The Big Bang Theory: A winning nerdgasm. The characters are endearing and dorky. This show makes the geek in me very happy! I know a lot of people who resemble (at least in mannerisms) the characters of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. TBBT is a lighthearted hoot that I love to watch from week to week!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: I like my reality with a healthy dose of humor so all the actual news I can stomach is The Daily Show. Jon Stewart and his staff make absorbing the fact that the world is swan-diving into the crapper bearable. Snark snark snark all the way dahlings!

Hopefully some are shows that you’ve heard of but never took the time to watch and now you’ll at least consider it. By no means is this the end of my list; but hey it’s only a top 10! There’s many more that offer the best in brain-gymnastics, belly laughs, and heartbreak; and I’ll definitely be watching!