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My Take Too: CourtneyK tackles a Top 10 of ’10!

Here’s Day 2, from Courtney K! The year is quickly coming to a close and soon there will be a number of clip shows, best of shows, and holiday specials instead of the new episodes of the shows we love so much. In keeping with that tradition, Amrie suggested a piecing together of a top ten list, so heeeere they are, in no particular order! My Top Ten Too of 2010: Burn Notice: Fast moving, fascinating MacGyver-like weaponry, and a

First Look: Season 7 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Season 7 of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE starts up on Thursday night!  Click on the picture for a first look at what you can start to expect this season, with the all-stars and a top ten-not-twenty and Mia!! I’m not sure I’m ready to accept all of the changes, but I am glad that we won’t have a screaming Mary all episode long.  And I can’t wait to see what kind of crazy outfits the lovely Cat Deeley

My Take on the Week of 11/29

Welcome to a week in review. Thankfully, it was a rather slow week, with a lot of big shows going into repeats, so I really had time to focus on some quality TV!  It’s a long read, so take caution as you  jump in, and be careful of spoilers if you haven’t seen something this week! SUNDAY, November 29 THE AMAZING RACE is really starting to pick up steam as it heads towards the end.  At this point, I would

Meet your SYTYCD Top 20 Dancers!

I think this season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is going to be one of the best ever – I already have some favorites in the top 20 (Russell!  Bianca!) and people I could do without!  Check out this behind the scenes video from photo shoot! [vodpod id=Groupvideo.3710808&w=425&h=350&fv=%40videoPlayer%3D45912222001%26playerID%3D44550008001%26domain%3Dembed%26] Also check out the rules for another season of SYTYCD-FDL on our friend John Cabrera’s site!

Tonight's MUST WATCH

Don’t forget that FOX is airing a special on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (the top 15 performances from the first five seasons) and the director’s cut of GLEE tonight!!  Do what you can to be home, or set the DVRs and watch right away.  The Director’s Cut of GLEE was screened for critics earlier this year, and there is just enough added that it makes it a slightly different and still awesome episode!


Overall, tonight’s finale was a lot of fun. It was great to see some of the awesome dances from this season again. I mean, some of the dances chosen were just so obvious, that it felt the judges picked it because they had to (the Pas de Deux for example?  I mean, I thought Mia would have chosen that Mandy Moore one she loved a few weeks ago). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show for the most part.

SO….how'd they do?

The dancers tonight seemed a bit off in general when they were doing their pair work.  Solos were banoodles, IV real (I’m so using the SYTYCD lingo).  Hip hop with Nappy Tab’s choreography and Twitch/Courtney was just okay for me.  I felt like it could have been so much better.  And forgive me if I go out of order – it was a long night – I’m glad to see Wade back even though I didn’t think it was the greatest choreography we’ve ever seen from

So You Think You Can Dance…Who will win?

So tonight’s the night where they lay it all on the line, right?  After what I can only imagine has been a grueling week for our favorite dancers (I mean, come on, Twitch and Joshua were both treated for dehydration this weekend), it all comes down to our votes after tonight’s jam packed final performance night.  Who I want to win and who I think will win are drastically different, but I want to know what you think – which