So You Think You Can Dance…Who will win?

So tonight’s the night where they lay it all on the line, right?  After what I can only imagine has been a grueling week for our favorite dancers (I mean, come on, Twitch and Joshua were both treated for dehydration this weekend), it all comes down to our votes after tonight’s jam packed final performance night.  Who I want to win and who I think will win are drastically different, but I want to know what you think – which of these four is going to take the prize?

Spoilers for tonight’s dances are after the jump…

Since they tape these performance shows early on in the week (which, oddly, was total shocking news to me earlier this season), word trickled in from people attending the taping about what we should expect (special thanks to my good friends Ducky and Kath for their info):

Here’s what people are saying about the final four:

– Twitch and Courtney (if she wins….I’ll shake my fist angrily at America): Hip-Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha

– Joshua Allen and Katee Shean: Contemporary by Wade Robson (Yay Wade!)

– Courtney and Katee: Broadway by Tyce Diorio (try to say his name without sounding like Tasty Oreo)

– Joshua and Twitch: Russian Street Dancing

– Twitch and Katee: Foxtrot by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin

– Courtney and Joshua: Jive by Jason Gilkison

– Top 4 Group Number by Mia Michaels (YES!)

– And solos, solos, solos (betcha Courtney does some pirouettes and throws herself on the floor after rubbing herself…)

These are the extra things that are peppered in either tonight’s or Thursday’s show:

– Previous seasons contestants will perform some sort of big number

– The Jonas Brothers are performing (I can’t wrap my head around their appeal…)

– Nigel supposedly performs tap with Debbie dancers Allen Academy

– Mary and Dmitri do a Samba together (which is cool, because I’ve wanted to see her dance for a while now)


Ducky also says that we may see a Travis Wall choreographed dance somewhere, and we’re all wondering whatever happened to that Chbeeb/Muraine battle? 


So what do you think?  Nigel has been quoted as saying that he sees this year’s winner being a guy.  So Joshua or Twitch?  Like I mentioned above, if Galiano wins, I can’t see myself continuing to watch ha.  There is just something about her that makes me angry…


Tune into FOX tonight and check out the show!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!







  • DJ

    I do believe Joshua or Twitch will win. Nigel even said before the season premiere aired that a hip hop guy would win and what you do know the two hip hop guys are the last two guys standing. I do see Courtney winning at all, she’s up against Joshua, Twitch, and Katee. Twitch has always been a sentimental favorite of mine so of course I want him to win, but I will be okay with Joshua winning.

  • I’m with you – sentimentally, I want Twitch to win, but I worry Katee will come in and spoil the Twitch or Joshua win!!

  • Jeri Colvin

    All of them of great, but think it will be Joshua or Twitch – both are so talented – Twitch a fan favorite – but I think it will be Joshua – I’ll be happy with either.