Who went home on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?

Who went home and who are your top 6 dancers?  Follow the jump for the results!In my opinion, tonight’s ousters were both shockers – I wasn’t expecting either –

We had to say goodbye to Mollee Gray and Legacy Perez!  Are you sad to see them go?

That means that Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello, Jakob Karr, Kathryn McCormick, Russell Ferguson, and Ellenore Scott are in the finale!  Are you excited?

  • Eirin

    I think it’s stupid that people actually voted for Ashley just because of her sub story. If she couldn’t dance then it wasn’t fair to vote for her. Molly was the best this week and Ashley wasn’t even suppose to be in the top twenty to start with. It’s just like Amertican idol being a popularity contest. It’s a dance compitition, people, so if she can’t dance she shouldn’t be voted for.

  • It’s all irrelevant anyway. Jakob is streets ahead of everyone and should win.