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Laura Spencer previews THE BIG BANG THEORY Prom, BONES’ 200th, and SLEEPY HOLLOW fun!

Laura Spencer has been a little bit of everywhere this Fall season – playing Raj’s girlfriend Emily on THE BIG BANG THEORY, the latest new intern and [spoiler alert] the late Lance Sweets’ possible love interest, as well as Ichabod’s current day seamstress (rivaling Betsy Ross in quality) who like-liked him and [spoilers!] lost her life as a result. I spent some time chatting with Laura about being busy with three hot shows and what is coming up on all

DVD Review: BONES Season 9 “Till Death Do Us Part Edition”

BONES S9 was released on September 16 and the MToT has spent time catching up with the gang. Check out our quick thoughts: What’s on the back: TV’s most anticipated wedding day has arrived!  And since dealing with death is a part of their jobs, it probably won’t part FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and quirky forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan – aka Bones (Emily Deschanel).  But Bones and Booth must still address serial killer Christopher Pelant’s threat to

My Take On….the BONES Season 9 premiere

When we last left the gang at the Jeffersonian, things were not great.  Sweets had been a target of Pelant (ugh Pelant), Bones was finally ready to get married (an institution in which she never believed before Booth) and proposed to Booth in the sweetest way, only to have him turn around and say no (after saying yes) when Pelant told him that if Booth stayed engaged and/or told Bones why they needed to not be engaged, Pelant would kll

Casting Scoop: MToT favorite Vik Sahay is coming to BONES!

As TVLine first reported, and which Sahay’s PR team confirmed for me, Vik Sahay is headed to BONES! One of my favorites from the CHUCK days, it’ll be nice to see him get to change it up as someone new! TVLine says Vik will “play Akshay Mirza, the eco-hip head of a funeral home that provides holistic, coffin-free burials. When his business partner and former lover is murdered, he becomes a prime suspect in the case.” Vik Sahay fans know

Quick Take: Mondays on FOX

The season is starting to kick into gear tonight, after a smattering of premieres over the past two weeks.  Tonight, REVOLUTION airs on NBC, and on FOX, BONES is back (to TV, in town, etc) at 8/7c followed by the series premiere of Jordana Spiro in THE MOB DOCTOR. When we last left our friends at the Jeffersonian, Brennan was on the run after being framed for the murder of her friend by the insufferable Christopher Pelant.  With baby Christine

The CASTLE finale has us revisiting our favorite TV duos!

This post shares spoilers on last night’s CASTLE, as well as spoilers from about 12 of our favorite series that if you haven’t watched yet, well, get on that…. On last night’s CASTLE finale, the moment we have all been waiting for, or at least all of us shippers have been waiting for, finally happened.  Castle finally told Beckett how he feels, and Beckett finally realized that he’s all she’s thinking about, even in the face of danger at the

Mary Murphy previews FOX FALL 2011

I don’t understand the correlation between Mary Murphy of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and FOX FALL 2011 (I mean, aside from the whole “being on FOX” part of it all), but I’m not complaining because the preview videos they released today for some upcoming shows are fun and really start to hit home the fact that the fall season starts SOON. I particularly like when Mary maybe scares Zooey Deschanel….  Check out some preview clips, with some teaser-filled

Giveaway: Win BONES S5 on DVD!

David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel The Perfect, Mismatched Pair Make an Unbeatable Crime-Solving Duo Experience the chemistry and drama when BONES Season 5 is unearthed on Blu-ray Disc and DVD October 5 BONES Season 5 further explores the chemistry of its lead character, delivering strong ratings and critical acclaim.  Experience the intrigue and passion as BONES Season 5 arrives on Blu-ray Disc and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on October 5, 2010. BONES Season 5 stars Emily Deschanel (Glory

Thursday MUST WATCH: FOX Thursday dramas

FINALLY!  We finally have all new episodes of BONES and FRINGE tonight, and I have to say that they’re some of my favorite episodes. On BONES, after a minor earthquake hits the DC area, a corpse is found on the subway, and Sweets goes a little overboard with the “live life to the fullest.”  Clea DuVall guest stars!  It’s a really good lead up to next week’s (slightly disappointing) 100th episode! Brennan (Emily Deschanel) investigates a subway train accident in

The Deschanel girls talk BONES

I had a great chance to listen in on a conference call with BONES star Emily Deschanel and her sister Zooey, who guest stars in tonight’s all new episode as a long lost relative of Dr. Brennan, a woman named Margaret.  Their relationship seems very much like the relationship I have with my sister, so it’s always fun to listen to them chat!  Read on for some great information from them! Of course, an obvious question would be what was

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