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Seamus Dever previews CASTLE’S “Need to Know”

Tonight on CASTLE, Ryan, Esposito, and Castle investigate the murder of former child star Charlie Reynolds, who rose to fame playing the lovable nerd on an early 90s High School sitcom (Ryan is a huge fan).  Things get a little crazy, however, when Dets. Beckett and McCord descend on NYC after the case goes federal. I spent some time chatting with Seamus Dever (Ryan) about what Beckett’s return looks like, what the new guy Sully brings to the table, and

Quick Take: CASTLE S6 Premiere “Valkyrie”

When we last left Castle and Beckett at the end of Season 5’s finale, Rick surprised us all by proposing to Kate instead of breaking off their relationship with a sweet moment on the swings.  Season 6 picks up literally seconds later with a resolution to the cliffhanger that propels a really fun season premiere.  I can’t honestly much without giving anything away, though I guess it’s not spoiling anything to say that Alexis, Martha, Ryan, and Esposito appear in

Molly Quinn previews CASTLE’s “shocking” season finale

Tonight on ABC, CASTLE’s 5th season comes to a shocking conclusion – with a lot more questions raised than answered. The show was recently picked up for a 6th season, and to celebrate the finale and renewal, I spent some time chatting with Alexis Castle herself, Molly Quinn, about what’s coming up tonight, her possibly controversial take on Caskett, and what she remembers most from her 100+ episodes of the show! I put a call out for questions today and

Seamus Dever teases Ryan’s undercover stint on CASTLE

On an all new CASTLE, Detective Ryan finds himself going back undercover in the Irish mob, an assignment that few people knew about – his colleagues are unaware; his wife is not too happy about an old flame back in the picture; and Ryan is right in the middle of what might be too much danger.  I spent some time chatting with Det. Ryan’s portrayer, Seamus Dever, about this change in gears, getting a whole lot of Ryan in this

Returning guest star Jack Coleman teases tonight’s CASTLE: “It’s just good, clean fun!”

Jack Coleman returns to CASTLE tonight as Senator Bracken, the man responsible for the murder of Beckett’s mother.  Their tense standoff from the previous episode has left them both shaken, and when another grisly murder brings them back together, you can bet nothing will be the same. I spent some time chatting about Bracken and CASTLE with Coleman, and I tried to get him to tell me how it all turns out (he doesn’t), or if we’ll see him again

SCANDAL’s Darby Stanchfield teases Meredith’s return to CASTLE

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only seen Darby Stanchfield’s Meredith one time before on CASTLE – she’s made such a strong impression on fans that you would think she’s been on for years as a constant wall in the way of a Castle and Beckett happy-ever-after!  Tonight, the character we’ve loved to hate in absentia is back to take care Alexis when Mono strikes.  But she’s not the only one moving in.  Trouble at Beckett’s apartment finds her moving

Jack Wagner talks CASTLE, Frisco and Felicia, and what’s next!

Jack Wagner has had a career that spans decades – a star in the 80s with GENERAL HOSPITAL, the 90s with MELROSE PLACE, and the 2000s with THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (among myriad other things).  He’s done TV, stage, movies, music – you name it, he’s tried it.  And tonight on ABC, he’s adding something else to his resume – a guest spot on the first new episode of CASTLE in the New Year! I spent some time chatting

The CASTLE finale has us revisiting our favorite TV duos!

This post shares spoilers on last night’s CASTLE, as well as spoilers from about 12 of our favorite series that if you haven’t watched yet, well, get on that…. On last night’s CASTLE finale, the moment we have all been waiting for, or at least all of us shippers have been waiting for, finally happened.  Castle finally told Beckett how he feels, and Beckett finally realized that he’s all she’s thinking about, even in the face of danger at the

Here comes the groom – Seamus Dever previews his CASTLE wedding!

Tonight’s the night, folks!  Tonight, Kevin Ryan and Jennifer Scout Duffy-O’Malley are tying the knot on CASTLE!  The official description goes a little something like, “When Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a ladies’ man, a twist in the case may disrupt Ryan’s wedding.”  I wouldn’t expect it any other way on this show! To celebrate tonight’s all new, and what sounds like fun-filled, episode of CASTLE (called “Till Death Do Us Part” of course), I spent some time

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