Quick Take: CASTLE S6 Premiere “Valkyrie”

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLIONWhen we last left Castle and Beckett at the end of Season 5’s finale, Rick surprised us all by proposing to Kate instead of breaking off their relationship with a sweet moment on the swings.  Season 6 picks up literally seconds later with a resolution to the cliffhanger that propels a really fun season premiere.  I can’t honestly much without giving anything away, though I guess it’s not spoiling anything to say that Alexis, Martha, Ryan, and Esposito appear in the episode, and that guest star Lisa Edelstein starts her run of episodes tonight.

If you love CASTLE, you’ll love the premiere.  If you’ve never watched CASTLE, a) what are you waiting for, and b) I think you’ll still love the premiere, and what it sets in motion for an exciting beginning of the season.  In short, check it out tonight at 10/9c and follow the jump for some lovely CASTLE cast shots with a sneak peek at two photos from tonight’s premiere (everything else is too spoilery)!