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PaleyFest 2017: Full LineUp Announced

Over the weekend the Paley Center for Media announced the shows that would join them for the annual PaleyFest, held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.  This year, the Fest runs March 17 to March 26, and here’s a look at what you can see if you attend! March 17 (7:30PM): THE WALKING DEAD cast and creatives March 18 (2:00PM): ARROW / THE FLASH / SUPERGIRL / LEGENDS OF TOMORROW for a Heroes vs Aliens block March 18 (7:30PM): THIS

Best of 2015: CourtneyK Looks Back

Admittedly, I’ve been a bit lax in my watching I KNOW I KNOW, but there have been shows that I have geeked out about in 2015. LET’S REVIEW! THE FLASH ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 11 Another show that started to lose me, but pulled me back in quickly!! My favorite scenes are always with Cisco, Barry and Joe. I could watch those three banter for hours. But with special effects and terrific storytelling, I don’t have to


After seeing the extensive promoting done at San Diego Comic Con 2015 for Fear the Walking Dead (FWD); a very realistic walk-through location outside of the Con depicting the church where we see our very first walker, complete with blood strewn absolutely everywhere to the point I was watching where I stepped and also jumping at every turn for fear a walker would JUMP OUT AND GET ME and winding down with a digital spray paint interactive area that was

Keith Powers previews SIN CITY SAINTS and FAKING IT S2b, plus what comes next for him!

If you’ve been watching the hilarious SIN CITY SAINTS on Yahoo Screen, starring Andrew Santino and Malin Akerman, you will recognize Keith Powers as LaDarius Pope, the Saints’ rookie point guard.  Or maybe you’ve been watching MTV’s FAKING IT, and recognize Keith as Theo, whose secret double life was exposed towards the end of Season 2A.  I was lucky enough to spend some time chatting with Keith about both shows and what comes next for the two, in addition to

After Take: THE WALKING DEAD episode 515 Try or “Oh Lord, Rick just dropped his basket!”

I’ve been holding out. Not writing about The Walking Dead. I apologize. Since I haven’t read the comics, and I only in the last year got on board TWD train; I’ve been avoiding it. But with last night’s episode? Whoa, I gotta chime in. **spoilers/previous episode discussion bites are going to abound starting nnnnnnow** Sasha is a prime example of PTSD, even though she’s been functional, she’s starting to lose it. The interaction with Michonne and Rosita helped to shake

CourtneyK ponders “It’s the End of the World as We Know It….”

…and I feel fine…but hey. Speak in hushed tones, don’t shout, don’t look, don’t wig out man. But I think the end of the Reality TV reign may be coming to an end. (HOORAY!!) There’s light at the end of this Trend Tunnel; but is it hope or is it Apocalypse? Let’s take a look. Slowly but surely, reality shows are losing viewers. Audiences are looking for content again; I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Don’t get

5 Reasons Why You Are Better Off Reading THE WALKING DEAD

Adapted from an ongoing comic series by the same name, the Walking Dead television series has garnered critical acclaim. Unfortunately, the series has not been without its fair share of flaws and even major proponents for the show still maintain that the comic series is far superior, and here are five reasons why. 1. The writing. Everything from the storytelling to the dialogue in the comics was done with a kind of surreal self-awareness that was very evocative of a

My Take Too: Brandi’s Picks for the Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Events of 2011

The New Year is upon us, and a new year brings new television. Many of our favorite shows will return from hiatus as early as January 3, and the winter TV season also brings some fresh faces to the mix. After a lot of looking back on the year of 2010, it’s time to look forward at what’s ahead for us in 2011. To make it a little easier, I’ve compiled this nifty little list of TV events that have

My Take Too: Brandi’s Favorite New and Returning Shows of 2010!

Day 3 of our 2010 recollection series has Brandi looking at her favorite New and Returning shows of 2010 – do you agree with her picks? New in 2010 5) Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (GWLBWLB) Sundance Channel’s recent debut, GWLBWLB, quickly became one of my favorite new shows of 2010. Gaining over 200,000 Facebook fans before it ever aired, GWLBWLB has tapped into the zeitgeist. Focusing on four unconventional New York couples (each comprised of a gay

My Take Too: Nicole’s Take on the Top 10 of 2010

Welcome to Day 1 of the year in review – here’s a look back at Nicole’s 10 Favorites from 2010.  Do you agree? 10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Nene, Kim, Dwight, nuff said. 9. The Event – Even though I think it’s going way too slow, and I’d break my neck tripping over the plot holes, I think the suspenseful act breaks and Jason Ritter make it worth the watch.