My Take Too: Nicole’s Take on the Top 10 of 2010

Welcome to Day 1 of the year in review – here’s a look back at Nicole’s 10 Favorites from 2010.  Do you agree?

10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Nene, Kim, Dwight, nuff said.

9. The Event – Even though I think it’s going way too slow, and I’d break my neck tripping over the plot holes, I think the suspenseful act breaks and Jason Ritter make it worth the watch.

8. Dancing With the Stars – Rick Fox is the best Eye Candy that DWTS has ever had.  I was sad to see him go.  Then, I fell in love with Kyle and his sense of humor.  It was a joy watching him each week.

7. The Big C – Laura Linney is amazing as the protagonist Cathy, and I think it breaks new ground in its approach to the terminal ill patient looking for a new lease on life genre.

6. The Walking Dead – For the first mainstream show about zombies ruling the earth, I think it is good.  They definitely need to punch it up in parts and bleed the zombies into scenes without making it so choppy.  However, it ended on a good note.  Sucks that the creator thinks he can do it alone next season.  I guess the proof is in the writing.

5. Cougar Town – A funny cast that all thoroughly get their characters and their character’s arc.  Yes, sometimes the jokes fall flat or seem juvenile, but I think Cougar Town is growing in really finding its place and will definitely stick around for a least a few more seasons.

4. Grey’s Anatomy – For years, Grey’s was my favorite show, and after 7 seasons on the air, it remains in my top five.  I wasn’t too happy to see so many characters depart from what we know of them, but am excited to see how Shonda brings it all back together.  She is a writing genius and television anomaly, so I wouldn’t dare count her out.  I’m sure this season is going out with an even bigger bang than last season.

3. The Good Wife – Alicia is a strong, independent woman who is the ultimate devoted and dedicated wife.  She is classy, smart, and sharp.  I am reminded of Elizabeth Edwards and I am sure the writers channeled what they know of Elizabeth to inspire their writing.

2. Modern Family – A funny, hilarious family of misfits that all blend together wonderfully.  This season continues with the characters presenting a magical mix of laughs and life lessons.  Cameron is my favorite character; from his facial expressions to his little quirks.  The episodes where they rely too much on racial slapstick humor are my least favorite, and I wish I could recall ever seeing a black person on the show who wasn’t an extra, but outside that, I can’t deny how funny it is.

1. Community – No other show compares to Community in creativity, originality, level of acting, and hilarity.  Each episode is the culmination of a carefully thought out dialogue with a mix of pure humor.  It may not have the high ratings, but that’s because the writers refuse to churn out regurgitated, outdated jokes.

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