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Creators Robert and Michelle King preview BRAINDEAD on CBS

Last week, a group of TV press met in NYC with the cast and creative teams behind CBS’ Summer shows. The first video from that CBS Summer Press series is an interview with THE GOOD WIFE creators Robert and Michelle King. Their new series, BRAINDEAD, a completely off-the-wall show about brain-eating alien ants who came to Earth with a mission (that we don’t know just yet), and how it impacts the politicians in Washington, D.C., during a government shut down,

One Final Bow for THE GOOD WIFE

  As announced during this year’s Super Bowl, The Good Wife will take a final bow to CBS and to the world on May 8, 2016. Such a critically acclaimed series causes pause to reflect on just what made it so appealing to audiences in the first place. In a CBS press call earlier this year, the husband-wife writing duo/series creators/executive producers and showrunners Robert and Michelle King met with reporters to dish on the ingredients that make up a

My Take On…THE GOOD WIFE Season 6 premiere

Full disclosure? I’m so tempted to just type “I love THE GOOD WIFE more than mostly everything on TV,” as my review of the Season 6 premiere (Sunday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS), and leave it at that.  That’s how much I love it and the premiere, which I’ve been describing to people as “weird/good” because the story goes so far in a direction I didn’t think it ever would that it felt uncomfortable in a great way. We pick right

My Take On…the return of THE GOOD WIFE

Remember that time at the end of Season 4 of THE GOOD WIFE where we all thought “oh she’s calling Will” only to realize that Alicia actually called Cary, and she’s made the decision to leave Lockhart/Gardner for her own firm (Florrick/Agos)?  When Season 5 premieres tonight at 9/8c, we’re thrown right into the immediate aftermath of that decision, and what comes next, and for lack of a better term, is wonderful. Now that the decision is made, and that

Don’t miss the season finale of THE GOOD WIFE!

I was going to write a “5 reasons to watch tonight’s THE GOOD WIFE,” piece, but when it really comes down to it, there is only one reason to watch – it’s everything.  The show is smart and dark; twisty and turny; funny and everything you can imagine a show should be.  And it’s a legal drama with creative cases and a rotating cast of judges that light up my life! I can’t oversell this enough.  The writing on the

Sunday Must Watch Part 1: THE GOOD WIFE (and the full Sunday spread) on CBS

Sunday night premiere night is here!  It all starts with the newest season premiere of THE AMAZING RACE, in which the winning team could wind up with a $2 million prize (instead of the usual $1 million).  Phil and co are back with a premiere that follows teams to Shanghai, China – it looks to be a good season! The night ends with the 5th season premiere of THE MENTALIST that has Jane looking into Lorelei’s connection to Red John,

New THE GOOD WIFE preview gave me chills! (Spoilers)

Are you ready for the final three episodes of THE GOOD WIFE this season?  All new episodes start in 2 weeks (April 15, 9/8c), and CBS just released this spoiler-filled (read: watch at your own risk because it gives away a TON of info about what’s coming) promo that has me counting down the hours (at time of publishing on the East Coast: 319).  Check it out and let us know what you think!!

Sunday must watch: THE GOOD WIFE “Blue Ribbon Panel”

Tonight’s episode of THE GOOD WIFE is another great one – guest star Matthew Perry, at his condescending best, is the cherry on top of a great sundae that features Charles S Dutton, other surprise guest stars, and twists in two of the ongoing plot lines so far this season: Will’s partnership, and Alicia’s quest for the old Florrick homestead. The show is at its best when it presents viewers with some edge of your seat what will happen next

Sunday Must Watch: THE GOOD WIFE “Another Ham Sandwich”

Tonight on CBS, after an all new UNDERCOVER BOSS and before an all new CSI: MIAMI, it’s finally time for a new episode of THE GOOD WIFE!!  Wendy Scott Carr is out for blood in the case of impropriety and bribery against Will and tonight, it’s time for the grand jury; WSC will stop at nothing to get that indictment against him.  With Dana doing her best to blackmail Kalinda into saving Alicia by helping the case against Will, and

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