Creators Robert and Michelle King preview BRAINDEAD on CBS

Last week, a group of TV press met in NYC with the cast and creative teams behind CBS’ Summer shows. The first video from that CBS Summer Press series is an interview with THE GOOD WIFE creators Robert and Michelle King. Their new series, BRAINDEAD, a completely off-the-wall show about brain-eating alien ants who came to Earth with a mission (that we don’t know just yet), and how it impacts the politicians in Washington, D.C., during a government shut down, premieres June 13 on CBS.

The Kings addressed where they got the idea for the show, as well as casting their diverse troupe of actors.  I was particularly interested in how Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character serves as a mouthpiece for the audience, and the Kings confirm it was intentional.  I’m also interested to see if their 4-year plan can come to fruition.

Check out the video above and leave us your thoughts on the show after you watch tonight on CBS!