Sunday Must Watch: THE GOOD WIFE “Another Ham Sandwich”

Tonight on CBS, after an all new UNDERCOVER BOSS and before an all new CSI: MIAMI, it’s finally time for a new episode of THE GOOD WIFE!!  Wendy Scott Carr is out for blood in the case of impropriety and bribery against Will and tonight, it’s time for the grand jury; WSC will stop at nothing to get that indictment against him.  With Dana doing her best to blackmail Kalinda into saving Alicia by helping the case against Will, and Cary not really showing where his real alliance lies, tonight’s episode is literally a heart-racing, pulse pounding one that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching.  Oh, and while all of that is going on, Eli has his hands full trying to outsmart Stacie Hall (Amy Sedaris) in a battle of wits that is nonstop fun.

Everyone shines in this episode – great stuff for Alicia with Peter, Will, and Kalinda; great stuff for Elsbeth, with everyone, always, and Amy Sedaris continues to be another great guest star in THE GOOD WIFE’s basket of goods.  If there’s one episode to watch this season, this is it – the stories that open up as a result of what happens tonight are seemingly endless and I cannot wait to see where it goes!

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  • Melissa

    Last nights episode was a island. The one new episode surrounded by all reruns or no show at all. Why do they do this? Seems kinda dumb, can’t they put at least 2 new episodes together? We just got back from Winter/Christmas break.

    Last nights episode was good. Best that I have seen in awhile. Loved how everyone had a good storyline going on. Can’t wait to see the February 19th episode now. See what happens with Will and WSC. Especially when it comes to the bat. LOL

    I love that Cary isn’t so bad right now. I know he puts himself first, but it sure seems like he is also looking out for people at LG.