Don’t miss the season finale of THE GOOD WIFE!

the_good_wife_season_4_finaleI was going to write a “5 reasons to watch tonight’s THE GOOD WIFE,” piece, but when it really comes down to it, there is only one reason to watch – it’s everything.  The show is smart and dark; twisty and turny; funny and everything you can imagine a show should be.  And it’s a legal drama with creative cases and a rotating cast of judges that light up my life!

I can’t oversell this enough.  The writing on the show is whip-smart and when you think it will zig, it zags in such a wildly exciting way.  The performances in tonight’s finale are the stuff of dreams – Alicia Florrick has spent the season exploring herself and what it means to be Alicia and not just The Good Wife that started this series.  She’s struggling to figure out where she fits in as a partner; she is struggling to figure out if she loves Peter enough to leave Will behind.  She’s not letting anyone walk all over her any more, and Juliana Margulies is giving the performance of a lifetime as this woman pulled in a million directions.

While she gets a lot of the glory on the show, the supporting cast and repeat guest stars (including Martha Plimpton’s genius Patty Nyholm and Denis O’Hare’s incredible judge) are perfection.  By the time the season is over tonight (and thank GOD it’s coming back for another year), Alicia will have made some decisions, there will be a new Illinois governor, and more than you anticipated will be up in the air!

Make sure you watch it, and tell us what you think will happen next!
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