Sunday must watch: THE GOOD WIFE “Blue Ribbon Panel”

Tonight’s episode of THE GOOD WIFE is another great one – guest star Matthew Perry, at his condescending best, is the cherry on top of a great sundae that features Charles S Dutton, other surprise guest stars, and twists in two of the ongoing plot lines so far this season: Will’s partnership, and Alicia’s quest for the old Florrick homestead. The show is at its best when it presents viewers with some edge of your seat what will happen next storylines and tonight’s episode is full of them! Oh, and did I mentioned that the ice between Kalinda and Alicia continues to thaw?

Check out THE GOOD WIFE, “Blue Ribbon Panel,” airing tonight at 9/8c between all new episodes of THE AMAZING RACE and CSI: MIAMI. And ok, confess – who is breathing a huge sigh of relief that this show is definitely coming back next season?