Sunday Must Watch Part 1: THE GOOD WIFE (and the full Sunday spread) on CBS

Sunday night premiere night is here!  It all starts with the newest season premiere of THE AMAZING RACE, in which the winning team could wind up with a $2 million prize (instead of the usual $1 million).  Phil and co are back with a premiere that follows teams to Shanghai, China – it looks to be a good season!

The night ends with the 5th season premiere of THE MENTALIST that has Jane looking into Lorelei’s connection to Red John, and coming off the disastrous events of the season finale last year, the CBI and FBI teaming up to look into a murder at a local hotel.

Most importantly, however, is the season premiere of THE GOOD WIFE at 9/8c.  Coming off of an amazing season that ended with Alicia Florrick constantly torn between the duties of family and her freedom without Peter, and Kalinda waiting at her apartment for her dangerous husband to come back into her life, the season premiere picks up the story very shortly thereafter. With Lockhart/Gardner struggling with their ever-growing debts, and Kalinda busy dealing with a terrifying spouse, Alicia spends the hour avoiding Eli as best she can, and defending Zach against an unfortunate traffic stop.  Guest stars Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane are pitch perfect in the premiere, and THE GOOD WIFE continues to be one of the smartest dramas on any network.  By the time hour one of Season 4 was over, I was dying for more. I think you will be, too!

Sunday night on CBS starts at 8/7c. Worth noting: keep an eye on your DVR this season – some nights may start at 8:30/7:30c to help with DVR overruns!