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My Take Too: Nicole’s Take on the Top 10 of 2010

Welcome to Day 1 of the year in review – here’s a look back at Nicole’s 10 Favorites from 2010.  Do you agree? 10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Nene, Kim, Dwight, nuff said. 9. The Event – Even though I think it’s going way too slow, and I’d break my neck tripping over the plot holes, I think the suspenseful act breaks and Jason Ritter make it worth the watch.

My Take Too: Diana’s catch-up recap of THE EVENT

Every TV season starts out with a few duds and a few standouts. One of my standouts had a very short life!  LONE STAR, was a small little show that made me wish to see just a few more episodes of the very cute James Wolk leading his double life. But, the standout that I wish to discuss is THE EVENT, a show that will be taking a hiatus until February after tonight’s fall finale (airing at 9/8c on NBC).

My Take Too: Nicole takes on THE EVENT

Check out our first post from new contributor Nicole (@follow_nicole)! Leave her some love in the comments to welcome her on board! I want to like this show so bad. Why do they make it so friggin hard? I like the premise, and the casting.  What I don’t like is the trying too hard to be 24 meets LOST.  First off, the audience should be left to come to their own conclusion that it is 24 meets LOST without marketing

Fall Pilot Review – THE EVENT on NBC

What? THE EVENT is an emotional, high-octane conspiracy thriller that follows Sean Walker, an Everyman who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his would-be fiancée, Leila, and unwittingly begins to expose the biggest cover-up in U.S. history.  Sean’s quest will send ripples through the lives of an eclectic band of strangers, including newly elected U.S. President Elias Martinez ; Sophia Maguire, who is the leader of a mysterious group of detainees; and Leila’s shadowy father. Their futures are on a collision

Comic Con Contest – VIP seats for THE EVENT and THE CAPE

Are you heading to Comic Con next week (NEXT WEEK!)?  Has your schedule turned into a ridiculous sea of “how am I going to get in to that panel” and “well, there’s always next year”?  Mine has!  But if you were thinking of crossing off either THE EVENT or THE CAPE from your list because you thought “I won’t get in” – don’t give up yet! NBC is running promotions for both shows on their Fan.It network to get you