Comic Con Contest – VIP seats for THE EVENT and THE CAPE

Are you heading to Comic Con next week (NEXT WEEK!)?  Has your schedule turned into a ridiculous sea of “how am I going to get in to that panel” and “well, there’s always next year”?  Mine has!  But if you were thinking of crossing off either THE EVENT or THE CAPE from your list because you thought “I won’t get in” – don’t give up yet!

NBC is running promotions for both shows on their Fan.It network to get you the elusive golden ticket for great seats for the pilot premieres as well as the Q&A sessions that are so much fun every year! The promotion ends Monday the 19th, so hurry over, make some social networking points, and get your name in the mix!

To enter for THE CAPE, click on the image of series star David Lyons –

To enter for THE EVENT, click on the image of series star Jason Ritter –

Track me down if you’re in San Diego next week – if I’m not at the Convention Center or the Hilton, I’ll be hanging out at BarBasic – my favorite place in the city!

One comment

  • Hmm..I would think as long as I just pick a room and stay there I should be able to get to many of the panels I want to see. Winning this would allow you to show up last minute and still get in which would be great for changing rooms.
    I had been primarily planning on going to panels for shows I currently watch, not potential new stuff. I have thrown in a chance in for both of these, but don’t know that I’d choose The Event over Family Guy or Leverage, or give up Bones for The Cape. I guess if I win, there’ll be more decisions to be made!