My Take Too: Diana’s catch-up recap of THE EVENT

Every TV season starts out with a few duds and a few standouts. One of my standouts had a very short life!  LONE STAR, was a small little show that made me wish to see just a few more episodes of the very cute James Wolk leading his double life. But, the standout that I wish to discuss is THE EVENT, a show that will be taking a hiatus until February after tonight’s fall finale (airing at 9/8c on NBC).

If you follow TV, you have heard the references to LOST and 24; although I never saw 24, I can see the resemblance. But, Losties, this is one worth checking out if you haven’t already. For even if you watched every episode, you can still find yourself completely lost and feel that you have missed something when recaps are shown the following week.

The series follows Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) in search of his missing girlfriend, Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) after she disappeared on a cruise ship, while Leila’s Dad, Michael (Scott Patterson) appears to be attempting to assassinate the president by flying a plane into him. So, those all seem like pretty typical things as far as action shows go until the plane mysteriously disappears mid-air and ends up in Arizona while all traces of Leila have completely vanished and now Sean is accused of murdering a fellow passenger on the ship.

Once again, nothing out of the complete ordinary, until you realize that aliens are the reason that the plane disappears and Sophia (Laura Innes) appears to be their leader. And that is just the beginning. It’s all completely random, but yet works together and allows us to see some old favorites in different roles. So, if you have time to check it out over the winter break, all of the episodes are available at and it won’t take long to get you in.