After Take: THE WALKING DEAD episode 515 Try or “Oh Lord, Rick just dropped his basket!”

the-walking-dead-episode-515-rick-lincoln-post-980I’ve been holding out. Not writing about The Walking Dead. I apologize.

Since I haven’t read the comics, and I only in the last year got on board TWD train; I’ve been avoiding it. But with last night’s episode? Whoa, I gotta chime in.

**spoilers/previous episode discussion bites are going to abound starting nnnnnnow**

Sasha is a prime example of PTSD, even though she’s been functional, she’s starting to lose it. The interaction with Michonne and Rosita helped to shake loose Sasha some, but she’s got miles to go still.

Ah young love, baby faced Carl and Enid joyfully sprinting through the forest…super weird first date bro! But I respect Enid, she’s trying to keep herself sharp and aware. She doesn’t want to “go soft”; and who can blame her? She’s got my support. That trick with the egg timer? GENIUS! Team CarNid y’all!

Dude. Noah. *shudder* That was a “mute-able” episode for me. I can’t handle “the squish and the screaming”. It was horrible and powerful, just like the show runners wanted. Blech. Not shocking was the lies that BFL (Big Fat Liar) Nicholas told to Deanna. I did love the “comparison shots” of the videotaped story of BFL Nicolas vs Glenn recapping for Rick live. Even though I hope that Deanna can see through the BFL, with her character being a grieving mother and being “warned” by JF (Jerk Face) Gabriel; I wouldn’t be surprised if Deanna officially regrets bringing our Surviving Family of Ricksters into Alexandria.

And what the ever-loving Rick???? He’s definitely dropped his basket. As soon as Carol (ummm excuse me, BadAss Carol!) discovered the secret of Pete/Jessie/Sam and told Rick, I knew it was going to break Rick’s brain. Poor Rick’s brain! Before Walkers, Rick knew who the bad guys were and how to handle them with his Cop-Brain. After having to change the way he looks at everything, now he’s going back to that root but all the damage from the past few years on Survival Mode are causing major conflict in his noggin! He knows Pete is the bad guy, but the only way to deal with Bad Guys now is to wipe them from the planet, that’s the extreme world Rick has lived in and is trying to make Deanna understand. But she doesn’t and Rick’s right; the attitude of “We can make things go back to the civilized way of living” is not going to work now. But Rick waving his stolen gun around while his face looks like he’s been washing with ketchup?? Yeeeeeaaaaah, that’s not going to have the positive impact he wanted it to.

Frankly, I think Michonne popped him on the head just to keep him from doing more damage to his reputation/case.

*deep breath* Well guys, I don’t know what’s in store, I’m afraid it’s going to be bloody and sad next week. But I’m really hoping that Morgan swoops in and saves the day! We need that guy to help Rick get himself back together. Michonne used to be the one that could do that for Rick, but now I think it’s a 2 person job!

OK, this whooooole “W” brands on the Walkers…I’m seriously thinking it’s a misdirect. I think it’s an “M” not a “W” and that someone out there (maybe previous exiles from Alexandria?) has been chopping up the dead (remember the torsos and gnashing heads that fell out of that truck in the episode Tyrese left us?), and possibly sacrificing the living to the Walkers. Maybe marking the victims with an “M” on their forehead, it’s all about the angle it’s carved in. There’s so much more to that part of the story and it’s barely been touched on. But if anyone is going to discover anything about this weirdness, it’s Daryl. And I like that a lot!

I’m looking forward to the big season finale next week! How about you?