My Take Too: Brandi’s Favorite New and Returning Shows of 2010!

Day 3 of our 2010 recollection series has Brandi looking at her favorite New and Returning shows of 2010 – do you agree with her picks?

New in 2010

5) Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (GWLBWLB)

Sundance Channel’s recent debut, GWLBWLB, quickly became one of my favorite new shows of 2010. Gaining over 200,000 Facebook fans before it ever aired, GWLBWLB has tapped into the zeitgeist. Focusing on four unconventional New York couples (each comprised of a gay male and a straight female), GWLBWLB is a refreshingly sweet and honest look at relationships.

4) Huge

Although Huge has already met its unfortunate demise (ABC Family cancelled the show after just 10 episodes), it ranks high on my list of best shows of 2010. Huge was an incredibly real portrait of a group of overweight kids at a “fat camp.” From the social dynamics (the thinnest of the “fat” kids were the most popular) to the family dynamics (Haley Hasselhoff’s Amber and her flighty mother are only one example), Huge was an intriguing and fresh new show. With talented actors, headed by Nikki Blonksy as the feisty Will (short for Willamina), combined with strong writing, one is left wondering why Huge has joined the ranks of TV shows gone too soon.

3) Terriers

Terriers (another show gone too soon) was recently cancelled after poor ratings at the end of its’ first season. Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James played Hank and Britt, two down-on-their-luck private detectives in Ocean Beach, CA. Terriers was a promising show that got better as the season developed, but although the first season was its’ last, we were left with a satisfying conclusion to the story of these two characters we came to love.

2) Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars debuted this summer on ABC Family and quickly became the show everyone hates to love. The very definition of a guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars is a soapy teen drama that was one of this years’ most talked about shows. Bonus-The show has one my favorite opening sequence songs ever! “Got a secret, can you keep it?” After a mid-season cliffhanger the show returns to ABC Family in January.

1) The Walking Dead

AMC’s zombie-filled gore-fest combined action and heartfelt drama. The Walking Dead kept us on the edge of our seats this year as we watched Rick awaken from a coma to find a world hit by a zombie-apocalypse. Based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead became the ‘It’ show of 2010. With almost a year before The Walking Dead returns, fans should keep a lookout for the DVD release.

Returning in 2010

5) Grey’s Anatomy

After a couple of poorly received seasons, Grey’s is back in full force this year as the Seattle Grace staffers deal with the aftermath of last season’s shocking finale. Losing the dead-weight (in the form of Mercy West staff members) that was bringing the show down has helped Grey’s get back to where it belongs…with less focus on the medical traumas and more on the relationship dramas.

4) Cougar Town

Don’t let the unfortunate title fool you. Cougar Town is more about family and friendship and less about Courtney Cox’s Jules chasing younger tail. Join the cul-de-sac crew for some penny can and maybe an impromptu song or two. You won’t regret it.

3) Friday Night Lights

In a season that brought a lot of change, Friday Night Lights remained as strong as ever. With impeccable acting from Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights has always been a critical darling and is beloved by fans. Despite the many new faces (and a new team to root for) we still cared just as much as ever. To top it all, Zach Gilford pulled off an Emmy-worthy performance as the grieving Matt Saracen. The fourth season of FNL aired in 2010 on NBC and the fifth and final season will air on NBC in early 2011 (it is currently airing on DirecTV). In the series’ last season many our of beloved favorites return to bid adieu to Dillon, but as Tim Riggins would say, “Texas forever!”

2) Community

NBC’s Community is reaching new heights in its sophomore season with appearances by Betty White, Hilary Duff, and a magical trampoline. “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas,” season 2’s stop-motion animated Christmas special, will undoubtedly become mandatory holiday viewing. Community is not your average sitcom, it’s much more. Community pushes the envelope and the result is a hilariously satisfying show. Plus, you can never get enough of hunky Joel McHale.

1) The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries returned after a shocking season 1 finale and the writers are still not afraid to take risks and the pay-off is huge. Executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have created a sexy teen drama that keeps you riveted.


  • Just want to add that while I LOVE Glee, I felt that my top five favorite returning shows should be comprised of shows I feel have upped their game in 2010. Glee has unfortunately been pretty uneven, but would have taken 6th place! I also would have thrown How I Met Your Mother in at number 7!

  • JasTay

    Have you read TWD? Are one of the comic readers that takes issue with the show for deviating from the comic?

  • No, I’ve never read the comic, pretty much all I know is that the show (TWD) is based on them. I have heard a few spoilery things here and there, but I try to avoid that since I’ve heard the show doesn’t strictly follow the comic anyway. I do love the show though! Excited it’s up for a Golden Globe too!