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After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Lift Each Other”

Name of the Episode: “Lift Each Other” Antonio and Sylvie go public with their romance; they double date with Gabby and Casey. Gabby also tells Sylvie she is invited to her parents’ anniversary party. Antonio didn’t invite her personally, but now Sylvie is wondering exactly what his family will think of her. James comes by the firehouse again and tells Boden he wants to spend his senior year with him and Donna. Maybe even make the firehouse a permanent dream.

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “That Day”

Name of the Episode: “That Day” Antonio and Brett finally go out on a date; the chemistry is off the charts for the two. Boden takes James out for breakfast and a colleague tries to talk up the benefits of the fire department. He also brings up an opportunity for Boden in New York, but he doesn’t want to discuss it just yet. James comes by the firehouse to spend a few shifts to see if this is a career

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “I Held Her Hand”

Name of the Episode: “I Held Her Hand” A graffiti tag is found on the side of the firehouse, but before they can clean it up, they’re called away. An apartment has caught fire; the husband is dragged out by Severide. His wife is caught in the flames upstairs, the team works quickly to get her out safely. The window is made of very thick glass and bars, which delays her rescue. By the time she is pulled to the

One Chicago Day 2016: Laughing with Miranda Rae Mayo, Yuri Sardarov, and David Eigenberg, CHICAGO FIRE

One of the many joys of talking to the cast from the ONE CHICAGO series (in this case CHICAGO FIRE) is the genuine love they all seem to have for each other – the love they have for the show, their characters, their city. It’s always fun to be a part of that. When we were in Chicago, our first interview of the day was with Miranda Rae Mayo (Stella), Yuri Sardarov (Otis), and David Eigenberg (Herrmann). The three of

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Nobody Else Is Dying Today”

Name of the Episode: “Nobody Else Is Dying Today” Casey is still knee deep in his Alderman duties, which is interfering with taking care of Louie. He keeps his appointment to view a toxic containment warehouse; but his simple trip turns into a dangerous event to stay alive. One of the foreman’s accidently pierces a toxic bin and allows the fumes/liquid to escape. The foreman passes out from the fumes and Casey drags him into the break room. While another

One Chicago Day 2016: Eamonn Walker talks CHICAGO FIRE

Last week, a group of writers converged on Lagunitas Brewery and the Chicago studios of CHICAGO FIRE, MED, PD, and new series JUSTICE, to celebrate One Chicago Day 2016. We got the chance to speak with the cast and crew from the shows, witness on set demonstrations like cracking open a chest with Colin Donnell, saving people who are on fire with Yuri Sardarov and Miranda Rae Mayo, and flipping a car with LaRoyce Hawkins.  Not to mention, we got

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Scorched Earth”

Name of the Episode: Scorched Earth Casey comes into some bad news when he hears Louie might be taken away. Dearing’s threat became real and child services are moving forward. Their reasoning is to avoid any bad press that they gave special treatment. Gabby is devastated and Matt says he will fix the problem. Severide wakes up at Travis’s home after a party disoriented and groggy from the night before. Travis is a PR person, who is paid to party.

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “A Real Wake Up Call”

Name of the Episode: A Real Wake Up Call Last week we were shocked to see Grant attacked by Severide. Grant is taken to the hospital as Severide is questioned about his actions before the ambulance ride. Policeman Crawford thinks the force was excessive, but Severide stands by his actions; had he not disarmed Grant, Stella could have been seriously hurt. At the hospital, Stella gives her statement as Grant is finally stable from the surgery. Stella is relieved that

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The Hose or The Animal”

Name of the Episode: “The Hose or The Animal” After a brief recap from the end of last season reminding viewers that a lot was uncertain. Stella hears the message from Dr. Charles that Grant has left the hospital without being discharged; it’s unknown what his intentions or state of mind currently are. Herrmann’s wife Cindy watches Louie while everyone goes to their shift. Gabby and Matt do not want to make any decisions while they’re figuring out their new

After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Superhero”

Name of the Episode: “Superhero” Beware – spoilers! Gabby is antsy over what to write, as is everyone else. Cruz asks if Boden needs their letters by the end of shift. It’s all about no regrets and is due by end of shift, no excuses.  Jimmy is late to shift, and everyone is shocked. Jimmy doesn’t want to talk to Boden; he just wants to get to work. Gabby needs a few more days to secure an apartment that would

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