After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “An Agent of the Machine”

CHICAGO FIRE — “An Agent Of The Machine” Episode 512 — Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz, Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “An Agent of the Machine”

Casey and Dawson go to the store to pick up snacks for a movie night. Gabby is approached by a man asking about how to treat a burn. Gabby then realizes it’s the man from the apartment fire that ran out with no identification. Before Casey can see the man, he’s already gone from their sight. They go to Antonio helping he will have some way to identify the man. At the firehouse, Sylvie and Gabby are called to the scene where their problems started. The landlord of the apartment building is found shot in the basement. There is nothing to be done, he has already passed. Jay comes by the scene to help because Antonio was called into work on his day off.

Carly, the woman who was saved during the fire, found her landlord. She keeps insisting she did not know the man living in the basement. However, Gabby sees Carly’s daughter and decides to ask a few questions. Before she can get any answers, Carly takes her daughter and leaves. Dennis, a friend of Benny’s, comes by the firehouse to do a few days of ride along. He also says he is there to improve on his firehouses procedures. Everyone is called into the conference room to discuss their issue with the last call. Boden cautions everyone to stay together and to be aware. Jay comes by the firehouse with some news; Eddie Owens is identified as the burn victim. He’s been on the run for years after attempting to blow up a federal building in Kansas.

Stella encourages Kelly to reach out to Anne since she left a couple weeks ago. Laura, Antonio’s ex-wife comes to pick up Diego from the firehouse. Laura is furious with Sylvie’s actions. She puts on a good face for Diego, but warns Sylvie to stick to what she knows, Sylvie begins to wonder if it was too soon for Antonio to begin dating again. Everyone is called in to examine evidence from the apartment fire from the basement. As they’re finding items, Carly comes by the firehouse. She admits to seeing Eddie at the apartment, but she is worried he will hurt her is she is seen cooperating with the police. He did tell her that firehouse 51 would pay for their choices. Gabby tells Boden of the warning, and he wants to take them off their current call. It could be a trap for them, and another house could take the call. But the squad refuses to back down, and Boden agrees to let them go, but to be cautious. The call turned out to be a couple of teenagers raiding a toxic filled home looking for copper to sell.

Once they return to the firehouse, Antonio and Sylvie get into a huge argument about Laura coming by the firehouse earlier. Sylvie doesn’t think Antonio thought out his situation before bringing her into it; and she decides to end their relationship. As part of their evidence, pain killers were found at the scene. Jay asked the hospital to call Eddie saying he needs to come in for his next refill to put him in a trap. Everyone can relax for a little bit in the meantime. In Casey’s office, Kelly offers to hold onto Dawson’s wedding ring so Casey doesn’t have to worry about misplacing it with everything he’s dealing with. After Casey hands over the ring, Kelly talks with Dennis. Dennis admits to not being forthcoming with his real reason for the visit. He would like to groom Kelly into the position of Battalion Chief in Springfield.

The same city where Anne has gone back to live. Kelly is grateful for the offer, and takes it into consideration. Into the night, another call comes in, everyone is unaware that Eddie set them up. Eddie paid a man to go to the pharmacy posing as him. At the scene, Boden is contacted by Jay saying Eddie is still out in the city, not at the hospital. Shots ring out towards Casey, and Eddie is behind the furniture shooting. Casey continues to put himself in harm’s way to save the rest of his team. Downstairs, Eddie rigged a few barrels of fertilizer bombs to take out at least a block of the city. Dennis is aware of how to deactivate the bomb, and uses a few members of squad to help out. By puncturing a hole in the barrel, and flooding it with water, made the threat useless. Even after Eddie hit the activate button, squad saved the city already. Casey is able to take down Eddie without hurting anyone else in the building. Eddie is placed under arrest and the building is cleared out. After their shift is done, Kelly invites everyone to Molly’s. Sylvie reluctantly comes along, but as she is leaving, Antonio stops by to apologize to her. They both agree the timing isn’t right, and down the line they could try again.

At the end of the episode, Kelly’s little trip to Molly’s is really a surprise reception for Casey and Dawson! Casey is finally able to place a ring on Dawson’s finger and they make it official in front of their friends. Things have finally settled into a good place for those two.

Next week, Kelly travels to Springfield to see Anna. He tells her about the job offer, and seems like it could be a real possibility. Will Kelly be able to leave firehouse 51 and the city of Chicago? Find out next week for another after take!