After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “The People We Meet”

CHICAGO FIRE — “The People We Meet” Episode 510 — Pictured: (l-r) Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Abby Pierce as Mindy Brills — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “The People We Meet”

Clarke comes by the firehouse to give Kelly good news about Anna. Her levels improved which will allow her to continue the chemotherapy. Kelly will be able to donate his bone marrow in the next few days. No time to celebrate as a call comes in about an apartment fire. They rescue a young girl named Maggie, but as she is climbing down the ladder with Cruz, Kelly sees a problem. The roof was not being vented quick enough and saw back draft about to happen. He tossed off his helmet and air supply to jump out of the window from the third floor. Severide is put into the ambulance, he is breathing but has a weak pulse. He is taken to Med and Clarke is the attending student in the room. There are no signs of paralysis, but Stella stays behind to ensure he is not alone when he wakes up.

Louie’s father, Andre comes to the firehouse and Gabby is furious. He regretfully tells them he has waived his parental rights because he will be deployed. This deployment to Afghanistan will be a long tour and has the possibility to be extended. He sees Gabby and Matt are great parents, so he knows Louie will be taken care of. Severide wakes up, feeling sore, but will recover. Otis wants to make a recruitment video for the firehouse; Boden gives approval but will not take part.

At Med, Severide’s injuries will delay him being able to donate for Anna. Clarke promises to keep looking because they have not given up hope. Severide leaves his room to talk with Anna, and to apologize for not being able to help. She is very understanding and hopes another match will save her. Gabby and Matt visit Severide to help him get closure. However, he realizes the hospital is making the decision to not let him go through with the procedure. There are many liabilities that prevent him from going through with the donation. He even asks Sharon to reconsider, but she will also not allow the donation without giving medicine. Across town, Gabby, Matt and Louie meet Andre and his parents for lunch.

Back at Med, Severide’s efforts were finally heard and the doctors agree to the donation. He will be without anesthesia, a drill will go into his hip, and a liter of bone marrow will be extracted. About as painful, Andre comes by the firehouse once again. He says since he met Louie his whole life has changed, and he wants to make his deployment close to home. He’s changed his mind once again and wants to fight for full custody of Louie. Another call comes in, and they need to leave immediately. At the scene, a brother and sister wait on the side of the road. Their dad went back to the car to get their sister Lizzie. Lizzie is stuck inside the car, while her dad broke his leg, with his bone splitting out of the skin! Casey orders saws to extract the girl from the car. Another successful run for Firehouse 51!

At Med, Severide begins his procedure with Clarke as the lead. Severide suffers through the procedure but makes it through with flying colors. Gabby and Matt’s custody lawyer goes over her vicious plan to ensure Louie does not leave them. At the first hearing, Andre brings his siblings, parents, nephews and nieces to show how much of a support system Louie will have. Gabby and Matt love Louie, but they can’t see fighting for a year to keep Louie away from his family who wants him so badly.

While Anna is visiting Severide in his room, Clarke says it’s time for the transplant. Anna waited fourteen months to hear about a marrow match, and the day has come. And the day has come for Louie to move into his new home. Even though it’s breaking her heart, Gabby knows this is the right thing to do.

At the end of the episode, Stella goes to give Severide food, but sees him happy with Anna. In her heart, she knows Anna can really make him happy, and she doesn’t want to interfere. Even though Boden didn’t want to participate in the promotional video, his speech becomes the driving force of why people should join the CFD. Gabby and Matt tearfully say goodbye to Louie, promising they’ll see him soon.

On next week’s episode, Severide has found a soul mate in Anna. He hasn’t forgotten what he had with Stella; but he needs to choice a woman. What will he decide? Find out next week on another episode of Chicago Fire!