After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “That Day”

CHICAGO FIRE -- "That Day" Episode 506 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

CHICAGO FIRE — “That Day” Episode 506 — Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey, David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “That Day”

Antonio and Brett finally go out on a date; the chemistry is off the charts for the two. Boden takes James out for breakfast and a colleague tries to talk up the benefits of the fire department. He also brings up an opportunity for Boden in New York, but he doesn’t want to discuss it just yet. James comes by the firehouse to spend a few shifts to see if this is a career choice for him. Herrmann has the opportunity for a lieutenant position and Casey lets him be in charge for the shift.

Darren, the man who lost his wife in a house fire last week, may be getting pursued for an arson case against him. Casey still firmly believes Darren was solely responsible for the fire and killing his wife. Before they can dwell more on the situation they’re called to a scene.

A girl falls through a sky light three stories up and has a massive piece of glass stuck in her abdomen. Dawson and Brett are stuck in traffic and have a hard time getting to the scene. Dawson takes her eyes off the road for just a split second and the ambulance hits a man in the street! Without the immediate ambulance coming through, the truck team must improvise to save the girl’s life. Herrmann breaks protocol and takes the girl to med in the fire truck saving her life. Dawson brings the pedestrian to Med and she is asked to perform drug test.

Chief Hatcher is conducting the field report and he doesn’t seem confident about Dawson’s decisions. Everyone at the firehouse greets Dawson with open arms and shows their devotion to keeping her safe. Scott Powers arrives at the firehouse, representing Russell Hayes, the son of the struck pedestrian. They give their intent to sue the fire department and also to sue Gabby. Brett discloses her date with Antonio; Gabby is happy for her, but doesn’t need the details about her brother.

Antonio digs up some information about the pedestrian hit and brings it to Gabby. Mr. Hayes has a record and even a suicide attempt on file. It’s very possible he deliberately walked in front of the ambulance. Casey and Severide still are investigating the possibility of arson involving Darren and the death of his wife. At the scene, they find an app that controls home tech devices from a cell phone. There may be a way Darren could have set the fire while being away setting up his alibi. Herrmann meets with Chief Walker regarding the possibility of his promotion. He is told his actions to save the girl were against protocol and could result in his suspension. Herrmann decides it’s more important to be a worker bee and not have to be responsible for protocol measures.

Severide, Casey and fire investigator confront Darren about his use of the app to set the fire. He admits to setting the fire, but he did it because he had debts to pay. His wife would never go for the plan to get insurance money so he did it himself. She wasn’t supposed to be home and by the time the fire started he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He is arrested by a couple of officers and taken away before he can flee the country. A call comes in for a cyclist who is trapped between a truck and a wire fence. Everyone tries to tilt the truck away so Severide can rescue the woman. As she is being freed, her foot is caught on the bike chain as the truck falls back into the ditch. Both are able to escape with minor injuries to the cyclist; just another day on the job. Dawson goes to the hospital to see Russell and show his father’s file to him. His father needs help to get back on his feet and Dawson wants to ensure everything is being done.

At the firehouse, Boden is confronted about his decision to decline to go to New York. It is unclear about the motive of the trip. At the end of the episode Severide and Casey accompany Boden to New York. He went to honor those who lost their lives from the September 11th attacks. It is a part of his healing; he felt as a firefighter, he failed.

Next week, James admits to Boden that he is being beaten; Boden flies into a tailspin trying to protect his son. Also, Gabby becomes blindsided by a family secret at a public function. Tune in next week to find out which relationships will survive!