After-Take: CHICAGO FIRE “Who Lives And Who Dies”

CHICAGO FIRE — “Who Lives and Who Dies” Episode 511 — Pictured: (l-r) Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Name of the Episode: “Who Lives And Who Dies”

Gabby is awoken by a noise that draws her out of bed. She finds Matt packing up Louie’s items in the middle of the night. He isn’t giving the stuff away, just packing it up to once again make the room for guests. His frustration is evident to Gabby, but she lets it go and heads back to bed. At the firehouse, Severide is back on shift after his bone marrow transplant. Matt is frustrated and when he hears of a possible rat problem; he orders everyone to make their space spotless. Gabby and Sylvie are called to a school field trip site for a girl who feels ill.

The teacher suspected Darla was just carsick from the ride. Gabby tries to figure out the issue and makes a startling discovery. Darla is pregnant and having contractions! Darla doesn’t realize she was pregnant or even what having contractions means. They want to transport her to the ambulance, but the baby is already on its way. They don’t have a choice but to deliver on site; the baby had a slight complication on birth, but began to cry. Darla delivered a healthy baby girl into the world. Darla’s father comes by the hospital and is furious with her. He yells at her, and Dawson cannot just stand by listening. She tells him to be supportive and not to be so judgmental of his daughter. The nurse asks him to take a walk, but he is already on his way out.

As they’re leaving, Severide is coming to see Anna. She will be leaving the hospital soon, and Severide hasn’t asked her out yet. They get a call to an apartment building where multiple people are trapped. Casey helps Stella save a mother and daughter; but is unable to help a man whose leg was pinned under what appeared to be a wood-burning stove. He pointed a gun at Matt demanding to be saved; Matt instead saved the girl. He went back in with Severide to save the man, but there was a massive explosion and they barely got out alive. Matt is upset that he couldn’t save the man, but is surprised when he doesn’t see a body. Everyone thinks Matt is looking in the wrong spot, but he is adamant about the location. After everything is taken from the site, still no body is recovered.

At the hospital, Stella pays Anna a visit. She is relieved to see Anna in such better condition from the last time. Anna thanks her for taking care of Kelly and asks if they’re together. Stella says she is not seeing Kelly and they leave it at that so she can continue her treatment. Dawson stops by to visit Darla, but finds Aunt Therese instead. Therese scolds Dawson because her brother raised Darla by himself when his wife left him. Dawson is shocked and feels awful, but with Louie leaving, she is feeling so sensitive. At the firehouse, Boden tells Matt the unaccounted victim may have escaped through a hatch in the basement. No one knew about a tenant in the basement and he could have been squatting at the residence. Casey feels responsible for the man and just wants to make sure he is okay.

Dawson goes to see Darla’s father to apologize for what she said at the hospital. She speaks to him as a parent and convinces him to hold onto his daughter. Severide goes to see Anna and asks her to stay in Chicago. He wants to figure out where their relationship can go, but before she can answer, Severide is called away. While on the scene, he used an old technique to save the day. Stella was using the technique earlier in the day, and Severide thought of her, realizing timing is everything. He goes to the hospital to see Anna as she’s discharged.

However, she left earlier than she told him to avoid the painful goodbye. She leaves behind a photo of herself rock climbing before her diagnosis. Attached is a post it note that simply says, someday. Herrmann finally tells Gabby and Matt to let themselves feel bad. They keep trying to push their feelings away and in doing so aren’t allowing time to heal. They realize what they need to do next. Matt and Gabby take their items from Louie’s room to donate to Darla. She is surprised and grateful for their kindness for her and her new daughter Gabby. Things happen in their own time and together they can persevere.

Next week, the man who was left to die in the basement is out for revenge. He is targeting the firefighters of firehouse 51. The vendetta turns to a dangerous game of guns and explosions. Who will survive the attacks? Tune in next Tuesday for another after take!