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Double Take: In which CourtneyK and Amrie disagree about the ONCE UPON A TIME S1 Finale

Amrie and I had an exchange via text message this morning about their completely different reactions to the ONCE UPON A TIME S1 Finale, which prompted this from me: “Shall we do a face off?”  Check out our reactions and tell us where you fall! CourtneyK – OK I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES! Seriously, apparently I’m a full on fan now. I love everything about this show, even the sappy parts! With Henry taking that fateful bite of

ONCE UPON A TIME: An Appraisal

“What’s a story? Story books are based on what? Imagination. Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere” – such powerful words from Jefferson/The Mad Hatter desperately trying to use logic to convince Emma of what we, the viewers, know: she’s got to start believing or all is lost. ONCE UPON A TIME has really hooked me. The complex stories the writers have created based upon well loved childhood tales are nothing short of splendid. Just like

We go ONCE UPON A TIME with Jane Espenson to discuss “The Return”

You all know Jane Espenson from her work on many of our favorite series – BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, BATTLESTAR, CAPRICA, GILMORE GIRLS, the list goes on.  This season she’s been lending her creativity to ABC’s Sunday night hit ONCE UPON A TIME, which returns Sunday at 8/7c with a Jane-penned episode appropriately titled “The Return.” To celebrate the show’s return to our schedules and what sounds like an exciting batch of final episodes, I spent a bit of time

Raphael Sbarge tells us what’s next for ONCE UPON A TIME

I had such a great time chatting with Raphael Sbarge earlier this TV season that I jumped at the chance to chat with him again before tonight’s all new episode of ONCE UPON A TIME. This time, Jiminy Cricket doesn’t tell us much (because he can’t tell us much, or he might face the same fate as our dearly departed Sheriff) but after our chat, I’m even more excited about what’s to come (You see that folks? I think he

Courtney looks back on her Favorites from 2011

Courtney K is taking a look back on her favorites from 2011 – how do these stack up to yours? Favorite new obsession: DOCTOR WHO – where HAVE I been?? In a world with faded colors that’s where. Becoming a Doctor Who fan (or Whovian) has brought me a whole mess of new appreciations. Much like fans of Army of Darkness or Firefly, there’s hidden jokes in almost everything I watch or read that all point back to one Doctor

Talking Jiminy Cricket and ONCE UPON A TIME with Raphael Sbarge

Everyone plays pretend or make believe as they’re growing up.  They play house and princesses and cops and robbers, wishing to be what they’re playing at (….maybe not the robbers).  In ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME, Raphael Sbarge, a face you recognize from memorable roles in TV and movies like 24 and INDEPENDENCE DAY, is getting his chance to play make believe in a fantasy world full of our favorite fairy tale characters.  Sbarge is Archie in Storybrook – Henry’s

Fairy Tale Smackdown – Who wins: ONCE UPON A TIME or GRIMM?

When I went to San Diego Comic Con 2011 (FTW!!) this year, I was inundated with posters and cos-players and flashing lights (OH MY!); nestled in with all the every-stuff were blasts about a show. Well, I thought it was ONE show; turns out, it was TWO!!  After seeing poster after poster, and talking about what others had seen I was able to make the distinction; NBC and ABC had the same show concept advertised….ruh roh!! This could get ugly,

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