Double Take: In which CourtneyK and Amrie disagree about the ONCE UPON A TIME S1 Finale

Amrie and I had an exchange via text message this morning about their completely different reactions to the ONCE UPON A TIME S1 Finale, which prompted this from me: “Shall we do a face off?”  Check out our reactions and tell us where you fall!

CourtneyK –

OK I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES! Seriously, apparently I’m a full on fan now. I love everything about this show, even the sappy parts!

With Henry taking that fateful bite of Poisoned-Apple Turnover and sinking to the floor last episode; it was GAME ON in Storybrooke for the finale! There was no WAY Emma wasn’t going to start believing in The Curse, her iron-clad logic was going to shatter and when it did, it was a little bit of a let down. A series of flashes? Really? But I guess there wasn’t really any other way to show her coming to the realization that everything in the book was real. (The kicker was finding August, nearly petrified literally. Just in time for him to say….nothing really helpful whatsoever. Ah well, he looked good doing it.)

The back story and the current story running simultaneously would usually send me into a frustrated frenzy. However flipping back and forth helped the time move even quicker than it usually does. The sense of urgency was never lost for me. There were no pointless exchanges this episode.

The supply-closet confrontation was very satisfying! I liked seeing Emma kick a little Regina/Majesty ass. Watching Regina’s face fall; priceless! And perfectly executed by Lana Parrilla (no kidding, could she be any prettier???). Apparently there’s no security in place at Storybrooke Memorial/General/SistersofStorybrooke Hospital, whatever it’s called. Strangers can just walk right up to the beds of little boys in ICU! I looooooved the exchange between Jefferson and Regina. The look in his eyes!! Oooooohhh!! Regina has consistently underestimated her foes and the levels they will go to. She’s been so blinded by the need to “win” she doesn’t understand what she’s losing. The message is clear to us, the viewers though; blind ambition and revenge are a losing battle.

While there may be no love lost on Henry’s part, Regina clearly loves her adoptive son and was devastated to learn that his condition was all her inadvertent doing. Being forced together to save him, the Merry Mommy Enemies (wow, that’s hard to say) have to slay a dragon. Well, one of them does. Wait….DRAGON?? IN STORYBROOKE and NOOOOOOBODY ever knew??? People in that town are completely oblivious.

Did anyone else think Gold/Rumple was talking about Belle when he said “Is our friend still in the basement?” to Regina??? I panicked!!!

The dragon/Maleficent was fierce looking but all too easily defeated. Still, I’m a sucker for the story references and when Emma flung her father’s sword at the glowing belly of the beast I cheered!  As soon as Gold/Rumplestiltskin appeared at the top of the elevator shaft; I knew he was pulling something. It was so abundantly clear, even Emma’s “super power” should have alerted her. But maybe being trapped in a stuck elevator is her Kryptonite?

As the curse was broken and the “wave of love” swept the town, and no dramatic costume changes or green-screen swirling occurred, it became clear. Just because The Curse was broken, it didn’t mean the spell would be reversed and the misplaced citizens of Far-Far-Away/Storybrooke would finally have Happily Ever Afters back. With the announcement that OUAT is being picked up, the intertwined fates of our favorite characters made real-ish is still up for turmoil! They know who they are and why they are in Storybrooke, but their journey home has just begun! I’m definitely excited to watch more ONCE UPON A TIME when it comes back for Season 2!


There are times when I’m watching TV where I literally text Rae or post to Twitter that I feel like I’m watching from a different dimension based on my completely different view, and that’s true of last night’s ONCE UPON A TIME finale.  Everyone had these amazing reactions that were what the writers had anticipated – a “holy shit” kind of reaction that has people waiting on edge for what happens in Season 2.  For me?  The reaction I had after a perfectly fine, typical OUAT episode was “meh.”

As in “Meh, I’ll come back for Season 2, but don’t know what happened in the final moments so I’m not sure why I should be excited about it, and it wasn’t exciting enough for me, of an episode, to forget that I don’t know what happened in the final moments.”  I’m glad Emma “believed” sooner than later.  I liked the exchange where Regina just admitted to being the Evil Queen, and I liked the line about her Majesty finding a safe place to hide, but otherwise, meh.  Like, how can Emma not see that Gold is setting her up?  How did she actually break the curse?  Where can it possibly go, and the list goes on….

Sebastian Stan and Eion Bailey better be back next season – the only time I feel invested is when I’m watching their storylines.  Emilie De Ravin, Jamie Dornan – all wasted in the episode; could have served a greater purpose.  And the David/Charming and Mary/Snow reunion in the middle of the street?  For a couple who love each other so much in real and TV life, there could have been a bit more fireworks.  And don’t try to change my mind – Lana Parilla and I have entered that long standing Amrie-vs-Gabrielle-Union-type standoff where I can’t understand why people love her so much…….

Long story short – I stayed on the fence about the show from Day 1 to now, and I will most likely remain there indefinitely.

Okay, cast your vote – CK or Amrie – whose reaction matched yours?



  • Jason

    When they were talking about the friend in the basement, I was thinking of Regina’s mother.

  • CourtneyK

    That is an EXCELLENT guess, Jason! I hadn’t thought of that!
    However, I’m kind of hoping that the Red Queen ends up being Regina’s mother. As in, when Regina “gets” her magic, she banishes her mother to Wonderland, maybe? That Red Queen has got to be a major player in Season 2, don’t you think?

  • Jason

    She did seem to have a particular history with Regina. That’s a good theory. With magic coming back, she should too. When exactly did Regina “get” her magic? Do you think Emma will have some magic as well?

  • CourtneyK

    I think we’re going to learn a LOT more about the backstories in Season 2, at least I hope so. I don’t see how they can move forward unless we know just why the Red Queen and Regina are enemies other than Regina is enemies with everyone.

    From the origin stories we’ve been shown so far, magic seems to be inherited or transferred as we saw with Rumplestiltskin. Since Snow White and Charming aren’t particularly magical, I doubt Emma will get magic, other than the “love” she used to break the curse. But hey, they could turn the tables on us any time.

  • Jason

    Rumplestiltskin did say that she was the product “True Love”, the greatest magic there is. It’s responsible for bringing magic back.

  • Jason

    I did love the sinister grin that Regina had when the purple cloud rolled through town.

  • CourtneyK

    But is the magic actually back?
    Sure the spell was broken and everyone knows who they are again. That’s the way the spell could be broken, True Love. Since Emma was the product of True Love, she was the one who could break the spell. But that doesn’t mean she’ll have any additional magic like they’ve shown Regina or Maleficiant or Rumplestiltskin to have. It’s not out of the question, but I don’t really think it lends itself to what they’ve already established.

    By all accounts, there is “no magic” in the world of Storybrooke on it’s own, it’s had to have been brought from Far-Far-Away. Gold/Rumple dropping that magic purple sparkling potion (True Love Potion) into the well is what caused the purple swirly smoke, we have no idea whether that purple swirly smoke is going to transport them anywhere or change anything else in the town like bringing magic to the town. Now, what puzzles me is that while establishing there’s “no magic” in Storybrooke, he DID say mention that the waters of the well could bring back that which has been lost…does that mean that the spell didn’t transport them, it just took the magic away from the land and they are still “home”? Who knows?? It’s rather exciting though!