ONCE UPON A TIME: An Appraisal

“What’s a story? Story books are based on what? Imagination. Where does that come from? It has to come from somewhere” – such powerful words from Jefferson/The Mad Hatter desperately trying to use logic to convince Emma of what we, the viewers, know: she’s got to start believing or all is lost.

ONCE UPON A TIME has really hooked me. The complex stories the writers have created based upon well loved childhood tales are nothing short of splendid. Just like in the “real world” where you and I are, people are intertwined.  They’re complicated to put it mildly and dependent on one another for survival; whether that entails the destruction of each other, well that’s yet to be discovered.

What do we know? Emma teeters on the edge of believing, but keeps leaning back towards cynicism every time. That’s getting frustrating. We’re going to need a leap of faith here soon. For crying out loud, there have been snippets but we need something big. We are going to need something concrete that Emma can believe and keep it. We know that Regina, Mr. Gold and Jefferson all know that they are from the “other realm” and remember who they are.

We also know that August knows something but what that something is, we’re still being teased! Last week when August and Mr. Gold had their defining moments, I thought “Well, that was too easy…” and I was right. The rug was pulled out again and we’re back scratching our heads at who is who. (Personally, I think the implication from the promos that August is actually Pinocchio is going to be a heart-wrenching episode! An old man crying over his wooden boy, I’m weeping already!)

But what else do we know?? Not much, it turns out. We know that “our” world doesn’t have magic. But that’s not right, otherwise how could Regina have crushed the heart out of the Sheriff? We don’t know what Belle knows, other than she’s in the basement of a crazy-house. Do I think Belle is going to be a huge player in the war between Mr. Gold and Regina, ohhhh yeah! I think the second Gold realizes Regina has been holding Belle captive and lying, the gloves are going to come off and I’m hoping that Gold blows the whistle on the whole plot, gaining redemption for himself and comeuppance for the Evil Queen/Mayor. Once Gold comes clean to Emma, I think that’s going to be the tipping point for her.

I’m still invested. I’m still loving every implied reference in the shadows during the opening credits. I’m still impressed by the twisted takes on my favorite fairytales. I can’t wait for Sundays, I’m still definitely watching!


  • Sabrina

    AWESOME! I freaking LOVE this show! So hooked! I agree with your thoughts as well. I really wanted August to be Gold’s son, but Pinocchio makes more sense given his physical ailments and his “need” for magic. You know, I think the Blue Fairy knows what’s up too. I am dying to know how this will all play out, but I am curious as to how they are going to continue with a second season. I will be truly devastated if this is it.

  • I think I might be starting to actually like, and not just tolerate, this show!