Learning more about HAWAII FIVE-0’s Christopher Sean (Pt. 3)

christoophersean5Though Gabriel Waincroft is an interesting topic, in Part Three of our exclusive, I focus on Christopher Sean, the actor.

Tell me a little bit about your company, Between the Lines.
My friend, John Gearries, and I formed that company to make some silly movies, and we did.  We had a good time making projects, and now I’ve actually got another production company.  The general idea of this new company is to create intellectual properties, continue to create content, and to pave a path for actors like myself, who aren’t white enough for white roles, who aren’t Asian enough for Asian roles.  So, by creating intellectual properties, I’m creating a path in the entertainment business that hopefully others can follow.  My goal in forming this company is like this – they (producers) don’t see me working until I show them that I can do it (that I can act).  If I show them that I can do it, while showing them at the same time that this (acting) is my life and my dream, they’re gonna be like, ‘well, maybe we can take a chance on him too, since he’s taking a risk.’  And it seems to be working out.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’m now working with Bret Ford and Among Lions.  That’s the name of our production company – Among Lions.  We are currently getting prepared to produce a hilarious comedy.  I can’t give away too much but, oh my gosh, we’re so excited.  Maybe in a month or so, the way it’s looking, we’re going to be putting this into the hands of some pretty large production companies.  (Stay tuned for this one).

Tell me about your project Young Again.
The creator of Young Again is Roger Lim.  He’s producing it and starring in it.  He’s a good guy with lots of talent.  I think this is a genius concept about a baseball player who wants to be young again.  He lies about his age and goes back to college and plays college sports.  My character is the antagonist in the project.  But, you don’t realize I’m the antagonist until the very end.

And you’re received some awards in your career, correct?
Well, I was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for my work in Days of Our Lives (on which he stars as Paul Narita), which was a complete shock.  I’m so proud of that because I get to be an Asian-American actor representing that whole community and diversity.  It’s such a versatile role and such an intelligent concept that NBC has put together.  I’m just so proud to be nominated for what they’ve written for me.  Also, John (Gearries) and I won a second place Action on Film Award for Best Comedy (Twiharder) at the Action on Film International Film Festival, and we’ve won a couple of other awards here and there.  And last year, Days of Our Lives won the Daytime Emmy.

Where would you like your career to go – what kind of goals do you have career-wise?
I’ll be honest – Marvel Superhero – I mean, I can’t emphasize that enough.  That is my dream.  Almost every kid grows up reading those comic books and dreaming of being Captain America or Wolverine.  I love, love, love action.  I’ve always loved Bruce Lee.  I had a poster of him on my wall.  I loved Crow and I love that whole realm of martial arts (Sean is a martial artist as well), and I love the whole realm of imagination and superheroes.  That would just be a dream come true.

Perhaps another dream come true for Sean has been portraying the role of Gabriel Waincroft on Hawaii Five-0, which airs Fridays at 9 on CBS.  And check out Part 1 and Part 2 from earlier this week!