Christopher Sean Talks “Do or Die” Time for Gabriel on HAWAII FIVE-0 (Pt. 2)

christophersean4Part Two of the Christopher Sean trilogy here at mytakeontv speaks volumes, yet leaves us mystified!

Are you able to add any personality traits to Gabriel or is it all kind of scripted?
(laughs) Actually, it’s great.  Bryan Spicer is an amazing director   Many times, I’ll talk to Bryan and say, ‘you know’ and suggest some things here and there.  But, it’s ultimately the writers’ medium.  Whatever they write, I will do.  But, I always try to put a little bit of my spice into it.  And, it lingers, like the ‘pilot’ for Gabriel (Season Four, Episode 13, Hana Lokomaikaʻi “The Favor”).

How much are you able to draw from roles in your past to play Gabriel, or is this character unique?
It’s very unique to Gabriel, because my other characters in the past have all been nice guys.  I play complete opposites (from Gabriel).  I played a baseball player in Young Again.  So, it’s a complete contrast from what Gabriel is.  Gabriel is venom.  He is a villain.  He is danger.  It’s fun to play that character, though, because you have free rein.  You get to be that mean man that you’re told not to ever be.  And it’s fun.

What redeeming qualities, if any, do you think Gabriel has?
I do think he has redeeming qualities.  I think any person that loves someone like he loves his sister (Dr. Malia Waincroft), to hold on to love and respect for her that much, shows honor and pride.  Those are redeeming qualities.  However, his actions speak louder than his words.  He’s killing everybody, and there’s nothing redeeming about killing someone.

So, is there hope for change, or do you think he’s someone that will never change?
I think in the next coming episode, we’re gonna see Gabriel’s true colors (Ke Koa Lokomaika’i “The Good Soldier,“ airing February 19th).

Can you tease a bit about what might be coming up, without giving anything away?
Let’s just say, ‘it’s do or die time.’  To tease, without giving anything away, ‘you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.’

Hawaii Five-0 airs Friday, February 19, at 9 on CBS.