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Turning Back Time with HAWAII FIVE-0’s Cast of Characters, Part 3

A deeper dive into Danny, old and new –  Back in the day, the role of Hawaii Five-O’s Danny Williams was played by James MacArthur, who was the recipient of that famous Jack Lord/Steve McGarrett phrase, “Book ‘em Danno.” That phrase occasionally rears its head in the remake of the series, though it’s obviously not as popular as it was with the original series. The original Danny Williams was a bomb expert who diffused several explosives during the series twelve-year

Turning Back Time with HAWAII FIVE-0’s Cast of Characters, Part 2

Cheryl’s multi-part story on how characters from H50 compare to their previous-run counterparts continues with Daniel Dae Kim’s Chin Ho Kelly – Looking back at the original Hawaii Five-O, the role of Chin Ho Kelly was played by Kam Fong.  Fong’s real name was Kam Tong Chun, and he was a real-life police officer for 16 years before retiring and ultimately joining the cast of Five-O.  Fong’s son, Dennis Chun, has a recurring role on today’s Five-0.  Unlike his Kelly-role

Turning Back Time with HAWAII FIVE-0’s Cast of Characters, Part 1

Cheryl’s newest multi-part story looks at how characters from H50 compare to their previous-run counterparts, starting with Grace Park’s Kono – Way back in 1968, with the first season of the original Hawaii Five-0 on the air, the four lead characters of the series were easy to spot.  They were, of course, Jack Lord (Steve McGarrett), James MacArthur (Danny Williams), Kam Fong (Chin Ho Kelly), and Zulu (Kono Kalakaua).  Not so today.  When the reboot series airs on CBS on

HAWAII FIVE-0 Takes a Bow as Season Seven Begins

As Queen’s Surf Beach drank in the beauty of another sunset over Waikiki, cast and crew gathered with fans for Hawaii Five-0’s Season Seven red-carpet premiere.  And what a memorable event it was – and a starlit night so clear the white canopy that has enveloped so many Five-0 premieres was nowhere in sight. First to arrive at mytake’s spot on the carpet was Teilor Grubbs (Grace). MyTakeonTV (MTOTV):  I understand you’re really into sports.  Tell me about your favorites.

HAWAII FIVE-0 Begins Production on Season 7 with Traditional Blessing

Hawaii Five-0 began production for Season 7 with a traditional Hawaiian blessing.  Kahu Kordell Kekoa presided over the ceremony and began by citing the significance of the number “7” in the Bible.   He brought tea leaves to symbolize healing, nourishment, and safety in the new season. Present at the bright and early 6:15 call time were Executive Producer Peter Lenkov and actors Dennis Chun, Teilor Grubbs, Daniel Dae Kim, Chi McBride, Alex O’Loughlin, and Grace Park.  Hawaii News Now

Ian Anthony Dale talks MURDER IN THE FIRST and HAWAII FIVE-0

On the brink of the third season premiere of Murder in the First, (which airs June 26 at 10 P.M. on TNT), I had the honor to speak with Ian Anthony Dale about his role as Jim Koto on the series as well as his recurring role of Adam Noshimuri on Hawaii Five-0. First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me.  I really appreciate it.  I had the privilege to interview you in

Cheryl Ponders The Lesser-Known Lab-Rats of Hawaii Five-0

Has anybody but me noticed how quickly the lab rats of Hawaii Five-0 scurry away? First, there was the eccentric Dr. Max Bergman (played by Masi Oka), who, in his debut as Chief Medical Examiner in Episode 19 of Season One [“Ne Me’e Laua Na Paio” (Heroes and Villains)], showed off his skill as a musical prodigy on the piano and his penchant for avoiding eye contact.  Bergman had quite an interesting character arc, with a thing for Keanu Reeves

Learning more about HAWAII FIVE-0’s Christopher Sean (Pt. 3)

Though Gabriel Waincroft is an interesting topic, in Part Three of our exclusive, I focus on Christopher Sean, the actor. Tell me a little bit about your company, Between the Lines. My friend, John Gearries, and I formed that company to make some silly movies, and we did.  We had a good time making projects, and now I’ve actually got another production company.  The general idea of this new company is to create intellectual properties, continue to create content, and

Christopher Sean Talks “Do or Die” Time for Gabriel on HAWAII FIVE-0 (Pt. 2)

Part Two of the Christopher Sean trilogy here at mytakeontv speaks volumes, yet leaves us mystified! Are you able to add any personality traits to Gabriel or is it all kind of scripted? (laughs) Actually, it’s great.  Bryan Spicer is an amazing director   Many times, I’ll talk to Bryan and say, ‘you know’ and suggest some things here and there.  But, it’s ultimately the writers’ medium.  Whatever they write, I will do.  But, I always try to put a little

Christopher Sean Talks HAWAII FIVE-0 (Pt. 1)

Christopher Sean (Gabriel Waincroft) teases something big is coming on this week’s Hawaii Five-0 when he joins me for an exclusive interview that’s so juicy we’re splitting it into three parts. Gabriel is a big drug lord, and he’s taking revenge against Adam for beating up his partner. Given this, though, do you think that part of the reason he antagonizes Adam and Kono is that Kono is Chin’s cousin? I think Gabriel, as raging bull as he may seem,

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