Christopher Sean Talks HAWAII FIVE-0 (Pt. 1)

christophersean2Christopher Sean (Gabriel Waincroft) teases something big is coming on this week’s Hawaii Five-0 when he joins me for an exclusive interview that’s so juicy we’re splitting it into three parts.

Gabriel is a big drug lord, and he’s taking revenge against Adam for beating up his partner. Given this, though, do you think that part of the reason he antagonizes Adam and Kono is that Kono is Chin’s cousin?
I think Gabriel, as raging bull as he may seem, is really a mastermind when it comes to putting together such evil plots. I think the producers have created this really intelligent character who kinda understands, ‘if I pull this string, these things will happen.’ So, he’s creating a perfect spider web, and I do believe, yes, in some ways he is toying with Daniel Dae Kim’s character, Chin Ho, through Adam. However, I think Gabriel’s character is just kinda like in a position where he’s gonna use whatever’s at his disposal to get whatever he needs. It just so happens that Adam, Ian Anthony Dale, keeps showing up and gets the worst end of the stick.

Well, do you think his revenge also is so deep that, even though he could leave the Island and escape prison and everything if he wanted to, maybe his revenge is so deep he’d rather risk going to jail?
I think it is about revenge in a way, but success is the best revenge. I think in that aspect, Gabriel wants to puff his chest out and say, ‘I’m King Kong. I’m the one in charge.’ And the best way to do that is to own the Island that they’re on and say, ‘I’m untouchable.’ I think in that aspect, that’s what Gabriel’s trying to prove, that he is untouchable, and there’s nothing that can get in his way – not even the Hawaii police, not even Hawaii Five-0.

How did landing the role of Gabriel come about for you?
You know, funny thing is, it was my birthday, and I was going out on all these auditions for a feature film. I was also on hold for a commercial. Then, I get a call saying, ‘hey, would you like to come in for this audition for Hawaii Five-0 as a guest on one episode?’ And, I went, ‘heck yeah, heck yeah.’ So, it was like the coolest birthday for me. It was like, my career is finally turning around at 28 years old, I believe, at the time. Things are happening. So, I went in to the office, and it was just one day, and in my mind I thought, ‘I really want this role. This is one of the coolest shows. and it really portrays diversity in Asian-American actors.’ The producers shine them in a positive, sexy light. Look at Daniel Dae Kim. Look at Ian Anthony Dale. Look at Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua). Strong sex appeal. I thought, ‘I would love this.’ Then, I got lucky. I got the role. It was only supposed to be one episode. And I guess the character made enough impact that they continued to bring me in for a couple more episodes. Now, lo and behold, Gabriel Waincroft is a big heavy. He’s terrorizing everybody.

Stay tuned to mytakeontv for Part Two of this exclusive with Christopher Sean (Gabriel Waincroft). Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 9 on CBS.