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Quick Take: WHITE COLLAR Season 5 Premiere

When we left our friends on WHITE COLLAR, Neil’s dad had killed the Senator who ruined everyone’s lives, and then left Peter to deal with the consequences. The 5th season premiere picks up tonight at 9/8c, right where it left us – we see how Peter’s dealing with jail, and how all of his colleagues and loved ones are handling it.  What at first seems like it might be a quick episode that puts everything right back to the status

Giveaway: WHITE COLLAR Prize Pack

So far, this mini-season of WHITE COLLAR has been very exciting, and the addition of Titus Welliver (from, well, everything) was icing on the cake!  To celebrate another exciting episode tonight that finds Diana in danger, we’re teaming up with our friends at USA to offer a WHITE COLLAR giveaway! To enter, all you need to do is tell me what you hope to see this season – is it Treat Williams coming back?  Neal finding love again?  Peter getting

Tuesday Must Watch: WHITE COLLAR on USA!

The summer is flying by!  A few months ago, I didn’t know how I’d make it long enough to get to the premiere of the WHITE COLLAR summer season, and here we are!  When we left our friends in the White Collar department, Neal was taking off with Mozzie to parts unknown while Peter was left to pick up the pieces in New York. The show picks up tonight some time after the fact with the bureau still looking for

The battle of Tuesday at 10PM – SOUTHLAND, WHITE COLLAR, and JUSTIFIED join an already overwhelming hour

If you’re like me and you watch too much TV, the chances are good that for 10/9c Tuesdays, you’ve already got your DVR set for PARENTHOOD, BODY OF PROOF, UNFORGETTABLE, and one of the multiple other reality shows that you won’t admit out loud that you can’t live without.  So what happens when SOUTHLAND (TNT), WHITE COLLAR (6 new episodes on USA), and JUSTIFIED (FX) join the already overwhelming hour that your DVR can’t handle?  Chaos.  The good kind of

Giveaway: WHITE COLLAR prize pack to celebrate the winter season!

Season three of WHITE COLLAR returns with six edge-of-your seat episodes on Tuesday, January 17 at 10/9c.  In the shocking summer finale, Peter Burke’s (DeKay) world crumbled to pieces when he found out Neal (Bomer) was in possession of the stolen Nazi treasure and his wife Elizabeth (Thiessen) was kidnapped as a result.  Now with an uncertain future and both his personal and professional life at stake, what will Peter do? What has happened to Elizabeth? And will Neal choose

Giveaway: WHITE COLLAR Prize Pack

Tuesday night’s the night – the tense season of WHITE COLLAR comes to a cliffhanger of an ending (no spoilers! What, you were expecting something different?)!  To celebrate the finale, I’ve teamed up with the folks at USA to giveaway a great prize pack! WHITE COLLAR PRIZE PACK INCLUDES: Custom Nylon Bag  Season 1 & 2 DVDs Jack Spade Wallet USA Summer T-Shirt USA 10 City Summer Guide *Approximate Retail Value: $205 *Open to US and Canada residents only To

WHITE COLLAR Season 3 premieres tonight!

When Season 2 of WHITE COLLAR ended, we were left wondering if Peter was going to go after Neal; if Neal was going to escape with his new found loot; and just who it was that made it possible for Neal to have a room full of treasure from Andrew McCarthy’s boat? Season 3 picks up a very small time after the events of the finale, and almost immediately, those questions are answered! The premiere finds Neal dealing with his

GIVEAWAY: Win Season 4 of BURN NOTICE and Season 2 of WHITE COLLAR!

Win DVD copies of Season 4 of Burn Notice and Season 2 of White Collar, both available on DVD June 7 USA Network’s top rated shows are both debuting new editions of their adventures on June 7, following the ongoing story of leading men Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer). Both DVD sets come from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and explore the intriguing world of spies and counter intelligence. In season 4 of “Burn Notice,” master-spy

Giveaway: WHITE COLLAR gift bag

It’s that lucky time again – WHITE COLLAR is back soon and we have a great prize pack to give away! Tuesday, January 18th, USA Network is bringing you the premiere of all new episode of WHITE COLLAR at 10/9c! Find out what happens to Neal, Peter, Mozzie and the rest of the crew after a huge cliff-hanging finale last summer. WHITE COLLAR stars Matt Bomer, TimDeKay, Tiffany Thiessen, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason and Shariff Atkins. Visit the official White

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