WHITE COLLAR Season 3 premieres tonight!

When Season 2 of WHITE COLLAR ended, we were left wondering if Peter was going to go after Neal; if Neal was going to escape with his new found loot; and just who it was that made it possible for Neal to have a room full of treasure from Andrew McCarthy’s boat? Season 3 picks up a very small time after the events of the finale, and almost immediately, those questions are answered!

The premiere finds Neal dealing with his treasure, and deciding how best to keep it hidden. Peter is hurt by what he feels is a betrayal from his, if we’re being honest, best friend, but being hurt doesn’t keep him down for long.  In the premiere, the FBI case has the team working with Neal to get stolen money from an acquaintance of Neal’s old alias, while Peter works with Jones and Diana (and Elizabeth, in a fun twist) to get the truth about the piece of painting he found after the explosion. In classic WHITE COLLAR fashion, there are twists around every turn, and the final scene sets up what could be a great long-story for the summer!

To celebrate the premiere, check out the clip from tonight’s new episode:

Fans can also chat live during the premiere with Tim DeKay (Peter) and Matt Bomer (Neal) via Chatter!