Tuesday Must Watch: WHITE COLLAR on USA!

The summer is flying by!  A few months ago, I didn’t know how I’d make it long enough to get to the premiere of the WHITE COLLAR summer season, and here we are!  When we left our friends in the White Collar department, Neal was taking off with Mozzie to parts unknown while Peter was left to pick up the pieces in New York. The show picks up tonight some time after the fact with the bureau still looking for Neal, Neal remaining hidden, and Peter working on an investigation of his own.

When the search for Neal intensifies, Peter needs to race to save him before the FBI head hunter on his tail finds Neal first!  The hour is packed with the humor we loved, most often provided by Mozzie, plus a romantic Neal Caffrey, action and undercover Peter Burke, and a classic caper that we’ve come to expect and love from the show.  For those worried that the show is going right back to the status quo – worry not.  The first episode of the season doesn’t solve the problem Neal is dealing with – you know, that he skipped out on his FBI custody agreement – and the summer season should be another great one!

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  • Enaira

    Finally one of the best parts of summer is here – White Collar. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that has been impatient. I’ve loved this show from the beginning as it always keeps you guessing. Last season was pretty messy in the end so to be on the island where Caffrey and Mozzi are holed up promises to be very interesting. Tonight’s premiere will be on while I’m at work so a co-worker at Dish suggested trying out the remote access app for my Smartphone. It allows me to stream live TV or anything I’ve recorded through my Sling Adapter and it works great with my Hopper. It’s really easy to use so watching the new episode tonight will be a breeze. There won’t be anymore boring breaks for me now that I can watch TV when I want.