Quick Take: WHITE COLLAR Season 5 Premiere

White Collar - Season 5 When we left our friends on WHITE COLLAR, Neil’s dad had killed the Senator who ruined everyone’s lives, and then left Peter to deal with the consequences. The 5th season premiere picks up tonight at 9/8c, right where it left us – we see how Peter’s dealing with jail, and how all of his colleagues and loved ones are handling it.  What at first seems like it might be a quick episode that puts everything right back to the status quo quickly turns into an episode with twists, turns, guest stars, and all kinds of Mozzie-related-adventures.

I haven’t been as on top of WHITE COLLAR as I would like to be because I always enjoy it but it gets lost in the shuffle sometimes.  Tonight’s premiere is a good start of what should be a great season:  looks like it’s setting up a great run of 13 all new episodes that will keep the audience guessing about the future the whole time!