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“I don’t know. I just did it, and I don’t know why.” A line Jessica Biel’s character Cora Tannetti utters about halfway through the premiere of USA’s THE SINNER (tonight 10/9c) sums up the gist of this dark series: A mother (Cora) stabs a man that she doesn’t know, repeatedly and in front of her husband (Chris Abbott’s Mason), her child, and a ton of other witnesses on a sunny day at the beach.  The “Whydunnit,” as it’s being called,


  ABC’s DIRTY DANCING is an almost shot-for-shot re-do of the classic 1987 movie of the same name.  Down to almost the exact same dialogue (watermelons included), the movie doesn’t re-boot so much as re-hashes a film we’ve already seen, and seen done way better.  Where the original featured an awesome soundtrack and creative original choreography, this new version finds the cast singing the songs instead, and the dancing? Original maybe, boring yes. Still the story of the coming of

My Take On…NBC’s smart, funny TRIAL & ERROR

Absurdly hilarious and hilariously absurd, that’s the simplest description of NBC’s latest comedy, the true-crime-parody series TRIAL & ERROR that starts tonight with a back to back post-THIS-IS-US (10/9c) preview. Starring John Lithgow as Larry Henderson, a roller-skating, er, roller-cizing poetry professor who maybe murdered his wife, represented in court by Nicholas D’Agosto’s Josh Legal, a “NorthEastern” lawyer from New York trying his first murder in the fictional East Peck, SC, the show provides an inside look at the case in

My Take On…THE GOOD FIGHT on CBS All Access

When THE GOOD WIFE came to an end at the end of the 2016-2017 TV schedule, I was ready to see it go – not because the Kings had run out of ideas or I was ready to say good bye to this cast, but because it had functioned on high cylinders for 7 seasons and I never wanted it to overstay its welcome. When I heard that the Kings (Michelle and Robert, two incredibly smart humans that I trust

My Take On….LEGION on FX

There were a few things I knew before diving into LEGION (premiering at 10/9c on FX 2/8): FX produces incredible TV, some of the best shows in recent memory. Noah Hawley is a genius who writes shows like novels that I can’t wait to read top to bottom. Dan Stevens is a dreamboat and Aubrey Plaza gives good weird. Given my limited knowledge on Marvel, X-Men, Dan Stevens’ actual acting ability, you name it, I didn’t know what to expect. 

After-Take: CHICAGO MED “Mirror Mirror”

Name of the Episode: “Mirror Mirror” Med is going through promo day; cameras follow Dr. Stohl around seeing patients. A young man comes in with irregularities with his heart. Everything seems to be backwards. However, they work through his condition to reset his heart rate back to normal. He will need to go through surgery to ensure the heart will not spike again. Will is irritated with the cameras constantly in patient’s room and taping everyone’s emotions. Ariel, a teenage

My Take On…THE MAGICIANS Season 2

I hesitated on THE MAGICIANS (from John McNamara and Sera Gamble, based on he books from Lev Grossman), I’ll freely admit it.  It was a show I liked when I watched the first episode.  I stacked up all episodes on my DVR.  My DVR had to be replaced, and boom, like that, it’s off my radar.  A few weeks back, I decided it was time, as the second season premiere approached (tonight, Syfy, 10/9PM), to dive back in, go full


IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA returns to FXX for a 12th season tonight at 10/9c. The insane show about a bunch of Philly’s worst people/bar-owners began in 2005 and has outlived almost every show that came with it – only a handful (GREY’S, SUPERNATURAL, BONES, CRIMINAL MINDS) have lasted as long, while fellow 2005 show PRISON BREAK has already been gone long enough to be rebooted this Spring. It’s the longest running FX/FXX show in history; with the renewal through

My Take On…PITCH on FOX

PITCH premieres tonight on FOX at 9/8c and if you’re a fan of underdog sports stories, the Padres, baseball, and strong female leads, it’s likely a show that you’re going to want to watch week in and week out.  Kylie Bunbury is doing star-making work as the Ginny Baker, a woman whose father (guest star Michael Beach) groomed her to dream his dream of becoming a pitcher in the Major Leagues.  Nevermind the fact that she’s a stinky girl with

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