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My Take On…ME, MYSELF, & I on CBS

In CBS’ ME, MYSELF, & I, premiering tonight at 9:30/8:30c (before moving to the 9/8c timeslot at the end of October), Bobby Moynihan stars as Alex, a 40-year-old inventor whose recent-ex wife threatens to take his daughter, Abby, away from him. He’s facing a mid-life crisis and needs help from his best friend and partner, Jaleel White’s Darryl, to say in line. Also starring as Alex? Jack Dylan Grazer, a then-14-year-old verson in 1991, whose mother moves him from Chicago

First Look: CBS New Fall 2017 Series Trailers 

CBS released their Fall schedule earlier today and not much changed.  But they do offer us a few new shows, and they released trailers for those shows today. Quick reactions?  Zoe Perry was the PERFECT decision for YOUNG SHELDON (though I’m not sure making the show was a good decision); lots of dramas look the same as other dramas we’ve seen again and again on CBS (and in the case of the Piv’s new show, ON FOX, THIS SEASON).  Check