Scott Speedman talks LAST RESORT

Last week, I had the chance to chat with Scott Speedman about his new series LAST RESORT – about what drew him to the show, what kind of training he went through, and why this is a show that he thinks people should be watching.  Be sure to check out the interview (above) and also tune into the second episode of my number one new Fall drama, LAST RESORT, airing tonight at 8/7c on ABC.  Tonight’s episode delves more into life on this remote island – what it means for the team on the ground, and what it means for the team at home, most notably Sam’s wife Christine, as she struggles with details about Sam’s past.

LAST RESORT needs all the eyes it can get, and it deserves every single one of them!  For more info on the show, or to catch up on the pilot from last week, head to!