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Previewing “Nuke It Out” with LAST RESORT’s Daniel Lissing

When we left our friends on the island of Sainte Marina, on ABC’s LAST RESORT, it was revealed that during the toxin-related blackout of “Another Fine Navy Day,” someone got their hands on Marcus Chaplin’s Nuke key. Tonight’s episode, “Nuke It Out,” follows the direct fallout of that situation. As we’ve watched the show progress, we’ve seen the inner turmoil of SEAL Officer James King (played by Aussie actor Daniel Lissing) as he struggles to wrap his head around (and

LAST RESORT’s Jessy Schram previews tonight’s “Another Fine Navy Day”

On tonight’s all new episode of LAST RESORT (finally!), the team on the island finds themselves fighting against a strange and unknown force that seems to pray on their weaknesses, while Marcus and Sam must once again find a way to save the crew and the ship.  Jessy Schram, who plays Christine Kendal, gets the chance to interact a bit with her TV hubby tonight and we spent some time chatting about what viewers can expect (tonight and beyond), plus

LAST RESORT’s Lt., Daisy Betts, talks “Eight Bells” and beyond!

To anyone that will listen, at all times during the day, I am talking about the quality of ABC’s Thursday night drama LAST RESORT.  From the minds of Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek, and featuring one of the best casts assembled, the show has proven two weeks in that the tension from the pilot will more than carry over into subsequent episodes, and that we should remain firmly planted on the edge our seats as the season progresses! Tonight’s all

Scott Speedman talks LAST RESORT

Last week, I had the chance to chat with Scott Speedman about his new series LAST RESORT – about what drew him to the show, what kind of training he went through, and why this is a show that he thinks people should be watching.  Be sure to check out the interview (above) and also tune into the second episode of my number one new Fall drama, LAST RESORT, airing tonight at 8/7c on ABC.  Tonight’s episode delves more into

My Take On….LAST RESORT, aka My Favorite Fall Drama

What happens when your own nation fires on you and your submarine, after you refuse to fire on 4 million unsuspecting people in Pakistan?  That’s what ABC’s newest drama, the incredibly tense and well scripted LAST RESORT, intends to find out. The series comes from the mind of Shawn Ryan, creator of THE SHIELD, TERRIERS, THE CHICAGO CODE, and eventual showrunner of LIE TO ME, along with Karl Gajdusek (former writer for series like DEAD LIKE ME), and stars Andre